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What the Corporate Media Isn't Telling You About the Risks of Reopening

They feel they don’t need most people anymore so they may want those people to die sooner.

They don’t have any moral compass.

I doubt if any bailout is “for the people”, right now.


Resveratrol may protect against this coronavirus as a plant that contains a lot of it does well as a Covid 19 treatment in China. The difference between the two is one can and should take RESV every day while that cant be done with the plant because of its mild liver toxicity if taken over a long time.

There is a good chance a much higher chance than not, I think at this point, that it may inhibit the virus and also reduce the cytokine storm caused by it naturally.

Its also good for pneumonia-like problems caused by sepsis. Why don’t they know more?

I guess they dont see it as profitable.

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I also was a landlord who guided my investments through the last crash successfully --by working with my tenants to insure their continued existence–didn’t make much money but we all survived-while at the same tome as I ran a non alcohol venue in the building for 20 years --providing a safe place for many communities at various times–it was a matter of lowering my expectations

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oh forgot to mention --a mortgage moratorium would help landlords in your position also–or possibly you missed that point?

I had no mortgage, just the rental income.

You OK Seal?

Saw you responding after my question earlier, then you dropped off.
No ulterior motives here.

Watching the clouds blow in so I’m okay, but I had a knock at the door and went to see who it was and didn’t get back to the computer. So here’s what I was writing:

No PonyBoy I haven’t yet. Probably tonight as I’m on dial-up and I have to just walk away to let anything like youtube downloads. A few minute vid takes…a couple of hours IF my shop website doesn’t disconnect in frustration (which it does quite often!). At 45.2kbps it is REALLY slow. All I can afford.

By the way, I’m a life-long musician, ace lead blues & rock harp player/congas-hand percussionist, so any music link is always appreciated!

Yesterday was my Sunday afternoon fixing furniture and stuff at a friend’s 2nd hand in town and I was just too tired to turn on the computer when I got home., And my last ‘job’ of the day was giving the first lesson on a skateboard to a 15 yr old daughter of a friend whom I taught to snowboard three seasons ago on my local hill. Across the alley from the back of the store is a bank with a nice smooth banked asphalt parking lot (we were all in masks of course), and I brought her my old '94 Powell 44" longboard so she could get the feel and balance of just rolling the block-long lot while I rode beside her on one of my '70s pool riders.

I also taught her mom to snowboard two seasons ago but mom just sat under a tree and filmed her daughter learning to skate saying she is NOT going to try it. All in all it was pretty fun and KK did really well, never fell though she did run off the board a few times, and had no problem wearing wrist guards and a helmet while learning. She borrowed the board and wrist guards (her helmet) until she can find one to buy on her own.

I actually do live in the Selkirk Range of N/E Washington State, old surfer a long way from where I grew up, about 40 miles north of Spokane and halfway up a ridgeline. It’s a DEEP red stupid zone in the mountains full of whacked-out christians waiting desperately for the Rapture while wearing .40 Glocks on their waists and screaming obscenities about how secular schools are destroying America. They hate the ‘libtards’ of the West Coast side but without that tax base flowing in this direction from Seattle this area would be more like rural Kentucky…a third world country no doubt. It kind of is anyway. The more intelligent of their children get the hell out after high school…

On the flip side of that insanity, the mountains are beautiful and the snowsurfing in a powderzone is amazing (4 resorts from 25 miles from my property to 125 miles away), and there are many really good and intelligent people up here though I’ll admit that most are escapees from somewhere else who left the smog and madness of cities long ago. There are locals that think, too, don’t get me wrong! But the batshit crazies infest everywhere anyway, yes?

If you’re curious look up ~boardwarm.com with lots of pics on the home page and then click Photo Gallery to see more. I’ve been here 16 years now… My shop was crushed when Wbush signed the most favored trade treaty with China in 2004, and then the bankers crashed the economy in 2007/08 and it really died except for local orders, but I’m still surviving.

In some ways it’s like living in the Deep South without the accent but same mentality; in other ways I love it here. Weird sounding I know, but you should see the night sky in a place far from streetlights! I see what our most distant ancestors looked at every night.

And that was an insult to neanderthals by the way! They seem to have been a much more peaceful group of cousins which is why our group ended up ruling the world. It wasn’t because homo saps were peaceful…

Nothing else. You watch yourself, too. This virus…I think the Trumpettes are just going to throw up their hands and say it’s in gods hands. And just sit back and watch from their bunkers as the 2nd Wave, in a virus tradition of being much more deadly than the 1st Wave, rips through the population. I don’t think they really understand just how dependent kings are on the peasants…can you see Trump or Biden scrubbing their own toilets once a week? Or doing laundry getting the skid marks out of their underwear? s/