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What the Democrats Don't Get (And Why It Could Cost Them the Election)


What the Democrats Don't Get (And Why It Could Cost Them the Election)

John Atcheson

If you’re a Democrat, you probably think the Democratic Convention was a big success. Not only did they silence the Bernie die-hards, but they dispatched some serious heavy artillery on Trump by calling out his fear mongering and his megalomanic, “Only I can fix it.”

And, yes, the first post-convention polling suggests Hillary got a bump from the convention, and Trump continues to be an idiot.


Our local Hillbots are glued to their smartphones, each hour gushing at the latest right wing Clinton endorser. Although these same bots mocked those endorsers when they endorsed Dole, Dubya, McCain and Romney, somehow these right wing endorsers are now the greatest thing since sliced bread.


One diebold vote = 5 trump votes.


25 percent of votes tabulated in US elections use a fraction system. This article details how results easily manipulated.

Edit the link above is the worng link to the voter issue. My sincere apologies,


Sorry, John, from my point of view, it's too late for Hillary. She lost the trust battle a long time
ago and it's doesn't matter what she says, or promises, who could believe her now? She has
proven how totally out of touch she is with the struggles of the general population. And not to
mention the lies she continues to tell on a daily basis i.e. regarding Russia. And as a woman
myself, it's matters not a whit to me that she is the first woman to be nominated for president.
If she were only a real woman, one who wants desperately to bring peace to the suffering world, one who truly cares about nurturing and protecting all children, then she would never have done the despicable things she did when SOS, nor would she now be spouting off threats to ramp it up even more once she takes up residence in the White House.


I hope this article stays true.... and the progressives and apathetics vote Stein! 3-way Race! (I know I'm a dreamer, but it sure is a pretty fream)


As long as Hillary remains a hawk she is not a dove. A hawk is never trusted in nature. Her actions are different than her words. Credibility is crucial to trust. A Leopard does not change its spots nor does a tiger change his stripes. Everybody knows this. Hillary thinks she can fool people. Lincoln said it best. You can't fool the people all the time. If she loses and Trump wins the Republic will survive. This is not a life or death struggle. Fear of Trump means she has forgotten that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I refuse to believe in fear. Courage is admired cowardness never is.


"Clinton’s best hope is to issue some sincere mea culpas and then come out with concrete, specific and comprehensive proposals to change the system, not simply nibble at the corners of the corrupted carcass—and then invite people to hold her accountable. Her entire career has been about obfuscating and equivocating, so this kind of clarity and candor won’t come easy, but at this point it’s probably necessary if she wants to have a good shot at victory."



When Trump's very talented campaign manager Paul Manafort, read up in him, unloads his heavy artillery on Clinton, there will be blood in the streets. When she loses, the establishment Democratic Party is toast. Of course, Trump will not deliver to his followers. That will be when it will be urgent for progressives to work to unite the working class.


The Democratic establishment would rather lose than "betray" the finance capitalists on Wall Street.


No. What the Democrats don't get: The Dem voting base had long consisted of the masses -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. Bill Clinton split that base wide apart. We're twenty years into our war on the poor. Not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren't jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and we pretend there are no consequences. The US has continued to fall behind a list of countries in overall quality of life. The overall life expectancy of the US poor has slid down to age 60-62. To make sure we're all clear about the Dem Party's priorities, they kicked off 2015 with voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut monthly allotments from $115 to $10).

The poor, and those who get why it matters, opposed the Clinton agenda part way through Bill Clinton's administration. They opposed it in 2000, more opposed it by 2008, and even more oppose it in 2016. And for 2016, Democrats picked the most anti-poor, anti-New Deal candidate available.


It's not going to happen, for the same reason that it hasn't happened. The working class itself is split apart by ideology. Think about it. There are those who understand how and why the New Deal/Great Society agenda took this country to its height of success, creating the massive middle class we once had. Complex issues. On the other hand, there are those who are true believers in the "survival of the fittest" "free market" system.


The Dem Party split in two back in the 1990s. The middle class just didn't notice.


"76,000% return on their federal lobbying" - with that return, they could spend more, but I think they just don't need to.


That is, if Manafort gets back from Moscow in time to create an ad campaign and/or raise funds for an ad campaign. With MSM reporting every word and videotaping every Trump speech, there is little need to muster an ad campaign. Trumps snarly face, pointing finger, and gaping maw are in print and TV news everyday. Ugh!


My opinion:

If you don't want more Hope-and-Change Hangovers,

Vote anti-establishment. Vote Johnston. Vote Stein. Vote Trump. Vote Mickey Mouse. If you don't want war, you need to keep Clinton out. And that means committing personal suicide and voting for Trump.

Nuke war is our number one threat right now, imho. Number two is the 400 nuke plants that nuke war will make impossible to maintain, so when they blow like Fukushima, it's game over.

Number three is global warming. But maybe we've got five or ten years before that kills us.

Vote Carefully.


No doubt, the people voting for Trump are hurting so egregiously that they'd vote for him even if he went on a profanity-laced rant every day before the election, a rant against every member of the military, every gold-star veteran, and every official, celebrity, and politician in the country. His supporters would stay loyal even if Trump traveled to Russia and held a rally with Putin in Red Square. His supporters see him as a true fighter who will never apologize and never surrender and as their last best hope to better their condition in life. (And anything can happen in the voting booths!)

Furthermore, Hillary will never be trusted because she's untrustworthy. Anyone who has been through eight years with Obama in the White House probably has a written list of his many broken promises and flip-flops on major issues and policies. (I have such a list, but I can't find it, and it doesn't matter any longer). Everyone knows the situation: an Obama third term with Hillary.

Our first best hope is that the members of Congress fear for their political lives if voters catch them voting for any or all of the toxic trade agreements or trying to escalate the war/s in the Middle East by authorizing more force/s into that cauldron. But over the last two presidencies, Congress hasn't shown any inclination to follow the wishes of the vast majority--even 90-some%--of the citizens on any issue, major or minor.

So there's not much we can do other than massive demonstrations or civil disobedience. In that case, those of us outraged by what the conservatives and neoliberal decide to do will find ourselves together in the end, whether Bernie supporters or Jill supporters.

So relax, watch, and wait!


Hillary Cinton; no hope, small change.

Donald Trump; no change, small hope.

Take your pick, USA. The difference is that whichever becomes POTUS/POTA they will be stoatally different and weasely distinguished from their predecessors.


As I sit here this evening watching the implosion of the Republican Party on CNN, I fear that which Atcheson could not have known when he wrote his article, namely that more and more Republicans will be voting for Hillary Clinton. All day long, I've heard on the car radio that high-profile Republicans are declaring for Hillary one after another. And that's terrible news because, with all this Republican support, Hillary will certainly revert to her neocon/neoliberal ways. She won't need to move towards Bernie's positions anymore.


If "the Democrats" (I assume this means the Clinton-DNC officials) do not get that people want something different than ongoing abuse, why is it important that they win the election, and to whom?

Let it cost them the election.


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