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 What the Democrats Must Learn About Free Trade Deals From Brexit


 What the Democrats Must Learn About Free Trade Deals From Brexit

John Nichols

Plenty of Americans are unsettled about Britain’s vote to exit the European Union. And a lot of what unsettles them is Donald Trump’s claim that the Brexit vote sets the stage for a similar reaction against elite political and economic arrangements in the United States.


What the Democrats Must Learn About Free Trade Deals From Brexit.

Paraphrasing Upton Sinclair, “It is difficult to get a US political party to understand something when their corporate contributions depend upon it not understanding it.”


Anyone else see that during Don’s press conference at his Scottish golf course, in front of him were golf balls with swastikas (tossed by a protestor).

President Whatever.


The Dem’s and Repub’s have a great deal to learn about the trade deals and the anger of the citizens of this country.
To remain closed and ignore the obvious is a danger to them and this country. The people are not going to take it anymore. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. The only one standing between them and the pitchforks is Bernie Sanders and his revolution. It has given people hope that Obama smashed, and a firm direction for their need for change. If they don’t listen to Bernie and all the other protesting groups in this country it is going to get ugly.
Never Hillary


“Democrats can engage and inspire voters with an honest rejection of race-to-the-bottom free-trade arrangements and, instead, embraces a new fair trade ethic that strives to improve the condition of workers and communities, of the environment and human rights, of democracy itself, in the US and around the world”

Nichols, shame on you for even pretending that Hillary was even remotely sincere about her campaign posture against TPP. If there were ever any doubts about it, the conduct and outcome sought by her representatives at the platform committee should have cleared them up. The Clintons have been on the national stage for about a quarter of a century, and over that time they have been remarkably consistent, is there any reason to believe they’ll act differently now? Quit with the party soft-sell. If you truly believe in ‘progressive values’—whatever the hell that now means these days—then maybe you could be of greater service informing citizens that alternatives to this duopoly nonsense exist. How about a serious examination of Dr Jill Stein, for example?


The Clintons are more in hock to TPP, TTIP drivers Wall Street and its corporate cronies than they have ever been.You don’t suddenly retire, resign from or otherwise break up with organizations that have paid you and your foundation hundreds of millions and have funded your billion dollar campaigns.This relationship goes back three decades or more, long before the Clintons moved to Washington DC.

Ever hear of anybody resigning or retiring from the Mafia ? It just deosn’t happen.


“It is hard for me to understand why Secretary Clinton’s delegates won’t stand behind Secretary Clinton’s positions in the party’s platform,” says Sanders …

It’s only hard to understand if you seriously believe that Hillary will be true to her word and not “evolve” back to considering the TPP the gold standard of trade deals she once said it was. Clinton’s delegates are not leaving trade deals on the table for Obama, they’re leaving them on the table for her to sign if she gets to the White house. After all, Clinton has campaigned on how she plans to continue Obama’s programs. It ain’t rocket science.


Although Clinton and Trump appear to be competing to see who can be the champion of wishy washy, Trump has so far been consistent on TPP.


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What the Democrats have to learn about so-called free trade deals is to vote against politicians who bring them.

Clinton knows the bankers and hoods are going to rip everyone off. Come on. Look at what’s leaked of the TPP. It’s as subtle as rolling an old lady and taking her purse.


I don’t think Bernie Sanders actually finds if hard to understand. Don’t you think he is trying to make a point without directly pointing out that she has been disingenuous all along?


The only thing our current far right wing Democrats are likely to learn about trade deals from Brexit is that they need to continue to make the trade deals in secret and deny the public as much information about them as they can while they cram them down our throats.


Why do people who should know better still think that the Democratic party represents the interests of anyone besides a few billionaires? Of course they support TPP and of course it will pass with flying colors if Clinton has anything to say about it.


“Free Trade” is oxymoronic idiocy! Why is this so difficult to see? It is just as oxymoronic as “military intelligence.” There is no such thing. There never has been. Intelligence is the antagonist of violence, theft, and exploitation of any malicious sort.

HRC is pro-malicious exploitation of anyone and everyone, anything and every thing; killing the planet and all living things herein she finds her God-given duty.

Pay attention to her. She cannot hide it.

She even knows that if she tries hacking together anything remotely akin to a vision thingy, her malicious death worship will come through, as if there is nothing inside her more than her own Freudian slippages.

Build the alternative to the fake democratic party. Make it also the alternative to the fake republican party. Jill Stein is offering us a good place to begin.


To all out there, read up on FDR’S capitulation that saved the US from the pitch forks in his early terms as President. You are absolutely correct. Bernie Sanders stands between the corrupt establishment owning and controlling our government and ever more intolerant populace holding the pitchforks. However, I doubt they will. Those people, like Scrooge McDuck, are too blinded by those their pools overflowing with soon to be worthless digits on a computer screen.