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What the El Paso Mass Shooting Tells Us About the Operationalization of Fascist Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/05/what-el-paso-mass-shooting-tells-us-about-operationalization-fascist-violence

I agree. The El Paso Massacre has an ominous wired-Kristallnacht aroma. There aren’t so many of them, but we’ve allowed them state-of-the-art weapons & communications. Also, many of them (the dangerous fascists) are in the police, military, and especially the border-guard. Our security forces are rife with threats to USAmerica’s security.


“The transnational power elite” who have owned the GOP for four decades and the Democratic Party at least since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation are indeed the root of the problem. The GOP cult lead by Trump is just one of many symptoms of that problem.


The war of terror, launched by US imperialism is firmly at home with the boldness of white racists and a president that just feeds the incendiary actions of alienated youths fueled by hate and bigotry. This is a systemic problem. It’s not just the racists that wage war against the citizenry. It’s narcissistic nihilism in general. In a country with few options for the young without an expensive education they end up in marginalized positions and act out in acts of extreme violence. Living in Empire induces extreme stress. None of these other issues are ever addressed. Just gun control or new laws that accomplish nothing to address the root of the problem. In a nation of almost 400 million guns in the hands of citizens and countless more in the hands of federal agents, cops, sheriffs and various sundry others itching to join the fight; a new gun law(s) will, again, do nothing to address the systemic issues of racism and alienation of today’s youths. Peace