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What the Ex Pat Primary Tells Us About the Bernie Blackout


What the Ex Pat Primary Tells Us About the Bernie Blackout

John Atcheson

Tuesday, March 22, and Wednesday the 23rd were excellent days for the Establishment misinformation machine.

Two Days in the Life of the Bernieblackout


The land of the free? Ask the main stream media. No surprise, for those who follow the news on internet, it is business as usual. The MSM keep lying and deforming the real facts all the time, or demonizing people who aren't liked by the establishment. Now they demonize Trump, they can't avoid it, but worse of all, their tactics with Bernie is to ignore him, to overblow HRC, and especially to silence all the tricks the Hillary Campaign and the Democratic Party establishment are doing to have her nominated. So media blackout over Sanders' triumphs is part of the tricks. If they persevere, Trump will win the election eventually, because many people will refuse to vote for someone who would have won the nomination by foul play.


I believe Bernie can win and should stay in about as much as anyone I know, but when I make the mistake of wading into the mainstream media even I feel a sense of hopelessness. That's how powerful that message (as well as that messaging system) is. It's ambient, it's everywhere, and it's all pervasive.


But we can't get discouraged. I've been horrified that the msm and pbs are all awol when covering current news on presidential primaries; but it's especially frustrating and frankly outrageous that one of the most important candidates, Bernie, is being almost completely ignored. It's made me more aware than ever, and almost fun to search for news of his successes for they are real and they are covered by some brave independent journalists! I suspect the backlash will continue to grow and people will be angry at being so shamefully misjudged!


Have you seen all the "Koch Suppoted" credos on PBS lately?


"On the other hand, some of the biggest prizes are closed primaries which exclude independents..."

No, the primaries don't exclude independents, the independents exclude themselves from the primaries by not simply changing to Democrat on their voter registration when they see a critical primary coming. I've done it probably a half-dozen times over the past 20 years.

The deadline for Pennsylvania is Monday. Do it electronically - go here:



The reason the MSM keeps repeating the meme and narrative that Bernie has no chance; should get out; and is un-electable...is because he is un-selectable.


I was disgusted by MSM's crowing about Clinton's big victory in Arizona and ignoring the fact Sanders got more delegates from his wins that day. To find out he got more delegates I had to dig down into the individual states results and tally them - no MSM article I saw that night, or the next morning, covered it.

MSM is trying to makes Sanders supporters feel like he's already lost and we should just give up now.

When you look at the Washington Post's 16 negative stories about Sanders in 16 hours, or the New York Times editing a favorable article it published about Sanders to make it unfavorable, the bias is clear.

MSM wants Clinton. She's their dream candidate, a neocon on foreign policy and a neoliberal on economic policy. In short, more wars and austerity economics.

We were always told about the wonders of a free press, but it was never free. People bought papers to push their opinions and with media consolidation the free press is just another brand pushing a corporate agenda.

Fortunately, most people no longer get their news from MSM. They get it from the internet, which has a much wider perspective and many differing viewpoints.

If it weren't for the internet I think the Sanders campaign would be doomed. I also think it's the reason so many young people support Sanders - they aren't seeing him through MSM's Clinton colored glasses.


" We were always told about the wonders of a free press but it was never free."

My sister took over a mid west newspaper when her husband died and like she says: " the only free press is the one you own"!


It would be interesting to see what the corporate media would do if Bernie wins. Will they ignore his inauguration? State of the Union?


From my perspective, and I hope like hell that I am wrong!, If Bernie gets to the point where he is the inevitable winner, Bernie will be in extreme danger. A lot like when RFK won California and the crime syndicate knew he was inevitable as the next POTUS and a threat to their power, they had no choice but to eliminate him before it was too late. Like Oswald, Sirhan was another patsy on loan to the criminals behind JFK, RFK, and MLK.


This is a serious concern. One I share with you.


Bernie is not stupid, if we know it he knows it, too.


Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave . . .


At one time you had competing newspapers in many cities, one liberal and one conservative. You could read both and make up your own mind.

Now there are just various flavors of corporate news - except on the internet.


Corporate news. Yeah and the corportocracy adds insult to injury because while they brainwash the public, they peddle their corporate products.


I'm in China. Our coverage of the election appears to be about the same as in the US except no youtube or google. So I'm an expat. I think the expats voted for Bernie because they are in a position to see a different world outside the US than the one that is reported by US media.They live in countries which are not at war and do not want


Bernie thinks outside the box. An expat LIVES outside the box.


Seizing the 4th estate is only possible one way: creating new media outlets and then having the majority of the populace listen/read/look at them for their information, rather than the media outlets that are currently MSM.

This is because the MSM is already owned by someone. If you want more objective news & views you will have to find them elsewhere.



Excellent reply! If something happens to Bernie from another on loan nut, this is not the 1960's, and this time they may have bit off more than they can chew!