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What the Flint Water Crisis Meant for My Family

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/20/what-flint-water-crisis-meant-my-family


Flint prospered as a means for the car business owners to exploit resources, natural and human. People, both black amd white, migrated from the Oligarchal South to the north for good paying jobs, good schools, decent housing and sanitation, and a better life for their children. It went well until the energy crisis of the 70’s made small imported cars more appealing to Americans. GM gradually pulled out of Flint and the other industrial cities along I-75. The fat cat owners had made their pile of filthy lucre by strip mining the region. They also polluted the waterways, ground water, soil, and air.
Enter…Rick Snyder, a good Libertarian Republican, owned body and soul by the Koch, DeVos, and Mackinac Center bunch. They needed to run their economic ideals in the real world, Economic Liberty. It had been done in Chile, but the people were rebelling. Poor people in strip-mined post-industrial cities were prime targets for the death of democracy experiment. So, to save a few pennies on the dollar for water, a basic right of ALL species, Rick was told by his owners to switch from Lake Huron water supplied by the Detroit water tunnel, to the heavily polluted Flint River. Fish don’t even live in it.
This is an act of genocide, and a warning to the rest of us. The Libertarians want to sell off all our remaining Commons to the highest bidders. Public lands which should be returned to Indigenous peoples will be sold to global corporations. So will our water. If you have a well or spring on your land, it will automatically become part of the corporate water supply, and you will have to pay for it. You have a nice garden and maybe a flock of chickens…those will become the property of the corporation.
And our legal system is now packed with corporate and religious shills for judges who will back the corporats.
As for Rick Snyder et al ever being punished for their actions…this is where, if people finally become pissed off to the point of nihilism, they will take action into their own hands. After all, no matter what we do, we’re dead, so let’s take the perps with us…
We need a new Port Huron Statement! People for a Democratic Society!


The corporations seem perhaps to be dividing up service sectors and it appears some EU corporations are getting “water” - as their business lobbies seem to be obsessed about preventing any right to water.

We’re doing something similar with health insurance, and banking (so big internet cos with too close relationships to surveillance complex can collect info on every transaction, such as walking down a privatized sidewalk - everything people buy, even eventuially fresh water and air will likely be prepay and metered.

Cashless cities are how they plan to limit the poor to poor areas and keep tabs on them. people will need a cell phone to do anything.

See Norbert Harings web site on what they are doing with the push to abolish cash.

they seem to be focusing on getting control over essentials via trade agreements like the GATS, the TISA thats likely to be revived.

Making all healthcare insanely expensive opens the door to a much larger revival of slavery (which was never abolished, read the 13th amendment) Imagine Hunger Games like huge outdoor prisons as large as states, where people who had the misfortune of getting sick while poor and ammassing debt will be sent.

under the corporate state there is no right to exist for people, all rights come from spending money, so there will be equal rights, for your money, not you. its already moving in that direction very quickly.

Note: these laws are global, not in Washington. And they belong to nations and corporations, not people, people only exist as markets, or “resources” as in labor.

the rights to transact in whom are bought and sold and cannot be devalued. outsourcing patients and prisons and their inmates to other countries is right around the corner, I suspect. Its cheaper. Everything is based on money. they dont need the indiginous inhabitants, if somebody else is cheaper than us or when all work is automated, the planet will become a playgroujnd for the rich…

Just dont do too much moving of earth, unless you want a nasty surprise under those delicious looking appes on that tree. this is why all landscaping and farming will be automated…

(/sarcasm satire, the last bit is based on true events recounted by a former inhabitant of Japan whose family were ‘returnees’ to North Korea “Zainichi” Japanese who felt unwated in Japan, who fell for the DPRK governments pitch to return to “paradise on Earth” which turned out to be a nightmare, they could not leave from. he was imprisoned along with his entire family in Yodok, a county sized prison camp. His story is recounted in the book Aquariums of Pyongyang. )

Our system isnt our system any more and the (fake) Democratic Party’s job is increasingly to give a false legitimacy to the illegitimate theft of everything via illegitimate trade deals which have been created behind our backs.

We should sell off our politicians, not our natural resources. .


Excellent article by Nakiya Wakes who should be given an advisory position in any further decision making. Flint is where we can see how a damaged environment leads to a damaged society.

Oh my goodness, I’m speechless.


That sounds more like an execution than a gamble. There is nothing new or mysterious about lead poisoning, and it is not as though no one had ever run a chemical test on the water in Flint River.

We really do need to remind ourselves that quiet extermination is within the purview of ruling options. This sort of action is decided very differently at a distance than it is close up, and it is decided very differently when one is under review than when one may hide one’s hands or pretend any measure of ignorance or benign intentions.

“Business as usual” is not moderate nor particularly measured nor tried and at least safe. It is mundane only in its ubiquity.


I could not be more disappointed in our supposedly progressive AG, Dana Nessel.
Time’s running out on her ass, big time, screwing the Democrats for a generation.

She and Whitmer are giving Enbridge their day in court, too, rather than saving us from a pipeline disaster in the incredibly beautiful and sacred Straits of Mackinac. Shut down Line 5 now, Governor Whitmer! Perp walk the Flint Water Crisis Massacre posse now, AG Nessel! Spineless, irresponsible, corrupt – but they’ll tell us we have nowhere else to go, those scary Republicans, booga booga.

in due course, they’ll blame the people who could no longer hold their noses, instead of themselves.

And yep, the final insult is the Ds trumpeting the endorsement of Rick Snyder, who should be in prison, rather than becoming part of Biden’s right wing coalition. Un-fucking-believable.

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All elected and appointed state representatives in Michigan are owned by the Mackinac Center, the massive neolib cadre formed by the Devos and Koch families. Doesn’t matter what party, they say “how high” when the Center says “Jump”.
The US has never been a democracy. It’s always been governed by an Oligarchy. On a darker note, it’s been a plutocracy. Freedom is defined as a few wealthy people forming large corporations to exploit the hell out of the rest of us, including Gaia. They could not care less because, in their minds, they’re the Chosen Ones, immune from all the woes of the world.
Time to crash that Matrix. I’ll be Neo!

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My blood boils when they hold their meet ups at the lovely Grand Hotel in one the most picturesque spots on the planet – meet ups designed to increase corporate power, hand massive wealth to the oligarchs and crumbs to us peons, and despoil the environment as just so much collateral damage.

If you’re not a member of Oil & Water Don’t Mix, I encourage you to join:


Remember to take the red pill!