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What the GOP’s Supreme Obstruction Means for Women


What the GOP’s Supreme Obstruction Means for Women

Martha Burk

Senators, constitutional scholars may tell you, must “advise and consent” on the president’s Supreme Court nominees. But apparently the official GOP policy is to “refuse and obstruct.” They’ve vowed not even to give President Obama’s nominees a vote.


Why is Elena Kagan recusing herself from that case? Seems like an abrogation of duty given this court's composition at present.


While a passive statement "Senate Republicans leaving women in limbo" implies that they are ignoring an issue when the record shows they have serially actively engaged in suppressing women's rights and choices, with the intent to keep women barefoot and pregnant.


From The Hill:
"... presumably because she served as President Obama's solicitor general when the federal government filed the original lawsuit against the state."

So she's actually adhering to professional standards around any appearance of conflict of interest.