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What the Government Shutdown Really Means for Federal Prisoners


What the Government Shutdown Really Means for Federal Prisoners

Daniel McGowan

Last week, USA Today ran a hit piece on federal prisoners with the tabloid headline, “Government shutdown: Federal inmates feast on Cornish hens, steak as prison guards labor without pay.” Not to be outdone, the Washington Post followed this u


For anyone wishing to see what a true patriot looks like, take 10 minutes of the rest of your life and see…

Why isn’t the MSM interviewing this fella?


Thanks for bringing the truth to the ignorant masses Daniel.


Have you read his book? I haven’t, I ask because I do have respect for Mr. Arkin in his decision to leave the network, I’m baffled by him not taking the final step in his analogies on a couple of subjects, he might have done that in his book, I don’t know. The first subject is how the US fights wars, he implies we don’t do it correctly, and that’s why we fail, when in fact we fail by design to perpetuate war, not because our military is inept. The second is his failure to connect the CIA to these failings of the military, though he does talk about not having qualified civilians in positions of National Security leadership, he doesn’t connect the dots for the people to understand the CIA controls all of it, and the reason for these failings relates to the first subject in this post.
Sadly most people in this country don’t understand that the #1 job of the CIA has always been to protect the financial and infrastructure interests of Wall Street and American corporate elites around the world, not intelligence.


Sounds like you have a good sense of things Recon. Perhaps you should have written this. I like your rejection of Arkins reasoning for us not doing better in war Like you say, it’s by design. Carry on. Take the point if you will.


Nothing like a reminder that the MSM is always ready to aim a kick at the downtrodden. Thanks for the article.


Thanks Gandolf, after studying this for thousands of hours, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all interconnected, all of it. The assassinations of the 60’s, Watergate, the wars since WWII, Iran 1979, Iran-Contra, 9/11, the Middle East wars, everything. It’s like a giant spiderweb, but they’re all connected by two things. Capitalism and the CIA. The American people are going to have to be spoon fed this information slowly to believe it, there is so much disinformation out there. I consider the posters on this site to be highly evolved and enlightened, and even they have a hard time getting to the finish line with this info. With the murder of a sitting President who identified and tried to crack the system as proof we will have to take the system on in a oblique fashion and not directly. The best way I can come up with is destroying capitalism itself. Not an easy task I know, but what is? I’m open to any suggestions from anyone, related to how we go about this, and get our country back. We might not have ever owned it completely before, but now we own none of it.


First of all, I agree with every word you wrote in your post. It should be CD’s charter letter.
As you say tearing down capitalism all at once, or piece by piece is one of two things we can do.
A direct hit to the (C.I.A., Pentagon, defense dept.) association with the MIC has to happen, that’s where the money is that feeds the capitalist hog farm.
Geez, if that doesn’t work out it’s time to storm the bastille.