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What the Gun Control Movement Can Learn From Marriage Equality

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/09/what-gun-control-movement-can-learn-marriage-equality

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What happens when global warming really kicks in and the world’s population reaches 12 billion? Crime and repression will soar. Hopefully we won’t need guns to defend ourselves. Maybe an Artificial Intelligence will rule us. It can’t be much worse than our political class…

Important information in this thoughtful piece that should be widely disseminated.
thank you Igor Volsky

“… I realized that no other group was asking for what all of us believed was necessary to truly reduce gun violence: fewer guns.”

No. That won’t work unless you are honestly trying to suggest we could lower obesity levels by reducing the number of spoons or increase the amount of housing available by increasing the number of hammers.

I do have a suggestion for your consideration… quit focusing on the tools the criminals are using and instead focus on the criminals and what lead them to their life of crime.