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'What the Hell Are They Doing?' Outrage as GOP Tries to Adjourn House With Millions Going Hungry, Covid Surging

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/what-hell-are-they-doing-outrage-gop-tries-adjourn-house-millions-going-hungry-covid

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Nancy is getting played by Mitch like an old fiddle. This was his plan all along.
He’s going to get what he wants, including corporate immunity, and walk out for Christmas break knowing that come Jan 21, he will leave the democrats holding the bag.
I would say the whole plan was brilliant, but in truth cheating Nancy was like taking candy from a baby. And now Biden and the democrats will spend the next two years with the dual albatross’ of a pandemic recovery and a recession hanging around their necks.


Randy for power and profit, in the long term fostering neither, the final irony of Randian propaganda. The paymasters have some hundred million human beings on this continent alone, that have been degraded once again on the spread sheet (boy, does that sound like rape) to “externalized costs”. In other terms preferred sacrifice on the alter of predatory capitalism. Markets engaged to scale are terrific, but the hubris of the monopoly usurpation is now once again heading toward mortal/deadly end of the pendulum swing.

To those who say silent, peaceful demonstrations do nothing, I say each town, in unity across all degrees of diversity, love and respect, community integrity, individual integrity especially recognizing those pejoratively regarded as “the least amongst us”. Because we need all of us. We need each other, and our integrity must be front and center.

Add synonyms and meanings for ‘integrity’ - coherence, history not as ‘taught by the winner’ but accurately recounted so that the ROOTS of past and present can be identified.


What they are doing is chaos. They want to unleash hell upon Americans, and thereby provoke desperate acts from desperate people, and undermine faith in democratic solutions.


What the Hell Are They Doing?

Easy Answer: Showing their true colors.


Now, if the democrats were smart (they aren’t, but for the purpose of this argument, let’s assume) they would let McCarthy and his minions adjourn. Then you go on offense. Line up the young liberal members of the house and have them make appearances every day on every news* channel, and constantly cry for the dead and dying. For the soon to be homeless and bankrupt. You know, some real tear jerking crap. And then you make a bunch of commercials and buy ALL the open advertising slots on TV in Georgia and put the pressure on them. Make it sound like progressive voters in Georgia will decide whether or not the nation is to be saved.
Then let the chips fall. If this garbage non-aid package passes it will be worse than nothing for the democrats, as it will show once again that, in the end, they are only interested in helping corporate America, and of course wearing the gimp mask for republicans.


Miss Nancy is not part of the solution, she used her aces to
made sure her masters were bailed out by the trillions …first.

Now she holds a pair of deuces and whines, the Republicans
made me do it or may be it was the Russians.


Of course, we and others will offer improvements, but the need to act is immediate and we believe that with good-faith negotiations we could come to an agreement," Pelosi and Schumer said in a joint statement Wednesday.**

F**K!!! When will these weak ass dems learn there are NO GOOD FAITH ACTORS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!


If progressive Democrats were smart, they would do this:



The problem is Not Covid, although that is a huge problem.
The Real Problem is that the planet’s biosphere and climate are being destroyed by human industrial civilization and consequently collapsing, such a word that really does no justice to it all… Because this biosphere and climate are the life support systems of the planet, as they go, so goes the economy and human industrial civilization as we know it…Covid is being used as the Reason for all of our problems, the scape goat… People really believe that once everyone is vaccinated, life will return to “normal”, really?.. One must look really deeply into this and beyond Covid…


Well chaos for sure, but this is part of a well thought out plot. This Rep from Arizona is starting to loose it, and is circling his wagons. Nobody thought Arizona was going to go Democrat.

Add to all this the upcoming Senate election in Georgia, and you have the perfect storm. Surely, with the House still Democrat controlled, he knew his move was only about an appeal to his base, wherever they may reside.


“They’re treating this like a game. Leaders don’t abandon people in their time of greatest need,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yes, republicans do.


If they think it can get them something.

And her party keeps her in her position. It’s not just Nancy.


Let’s move Christmas back a week, and go on a consumer strike until Congress Acts. WE together have the most power these next two weeks.


They (the oligarchs) have clearly declared war on the American people. Time to respond appropriately.


But, as you say, the Dems aren’t smart enough. Or caring enough.


the Republicans have always been a treasonous bunch from Richard Nixon and Ronnie Reagan right through to this day–the wonder is why the Democrats can’t seem to understand this after so many years of betrayal by the Republicans


And you preach that THEY are treating it like a game

Do you ever come up with a workable solution

Or is just a case of wanting to listen to your own fictional rhetoric

GATS, TISA and the global grab are the keys to understand the collusive mess thats occurring now. The kleptocrats are not what they say they are, none of them are. The whole situation is fake.

Think onion-skinned inverted totalitarianism. Hannah Arendt explained how the basic structure works. But the inversion is new.