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'What the Hell Happened?': Bowman Introduces COUP Act to Investigate Pro-Trump Mob's Capitol Attack

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/what-hell-happened-bowman-introduces-coup-act-investigate-pro-trump-mobs-capitol

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“We need answers,” Bowman said, adding that he would soon be introducing a bill to “demand a 9/11-style commission to investigate.”

Then, Mr. Bowman, that means it will be a complete WHITEWASH!


No kidding. What an asinine statement considering ALL of the deceitful investigations going all the way back to 1953 Iran.

Oh where oh where did “throw out the votes” Ron Johnson disappear to?

And what protest restrictions were put in place in Wisconsin after this summers BLM protests, and will they be enforced this weekend?

And let’s be honest about republican politicians. From McConnell on to House and Senate reps. they have not had a come to Jesus moment, no, they are shoring up their status of electability.


A lot of these retrumplicans think they can go back to business as usual after trump is gone.
But they played this out too far now, and have contracted chronic trump disease.
There may be a shot for that, but…


Trump’s ego is so disturbed that he surely will raise money for a presidential library.
Hopefully the public will raise funds to have a trump museum.
Denoting the daily disgraces trump foisted upon the U.S. citizens from 2016 to 2021.

And there is this "Fuck up for Freedom award for rep. Jordan.
Trump sure likes to throw rotten eggs at us.

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No vaccine for chronic trump disease, is available the only antidote for this GOP miasma is to destroy the Republican Party before it’s disease spreads like Covid-19 and destroys us all!

There is a shot for that but it would be murder.

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The scope of the investigation is WAY too small. Every police department in the nation and much of the military should be looked at by impartial investigators.White Supremacist and militant Christian cells are rampant. If you doubt me there are enough ex cops and military that have the courage to write about it for me not to think it’s Fake News. Or perhaps just observe the different response to White protest. Ammon Bundy’s revolt is one of many examples. ~https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759


Trump’s out.

Coup d’etat is already as illegal as anything could be.

The motive for the legislation and the hand-wringing in DC is all about legislating against dissent. If Trump was not paid to put on a show and provoke these acts, you can bet Biden will continue as though it were planned.

And you are not going to be able to rely on the Republicans to vote against the erosion of Bill of Rights protections. It is not Trump’s nor Bison-Boy’s tail that will be on the line here in two week’s time.


Might already be too late for that, if the real insurrection comes on Inauguration Day. Guess we are going to find out.

There is a concerted effort to hide the information as to who gave the order for all Law Enforcement agencies plus the National Guard to stand down and not be present at the Capitol last Wednesday.

My money is on Trump.

He knew the mob was there to do violence.

He stoked it.

He wanted that mob to have little resistance to getting inside the Capitol building and stopping the Electoral College votes being registered confirming Biden’s win.

If this was confirmed before the Impeachment the number of Congress members would skyrocket, and also make Senators almost unable to vote against his conviction and removal.

Why hasn’t this fact been revealed?

This is the cover-up allowing Trump to continue walking around and not being put behind bars.


Back in the day the Mafia heads were dragged into court. For a long time they were insulated from conviction because they skillfully lied. Trump doesn’t have that luxury. His guilt has mostly be out in the open and documented. Denying these things won’t set him free.

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Too LATE, the kkk police erased/deleted all their online accounts .
Good luck, you gave them a heads up on your investigation ahead of time…

Happily, all of Trump’s deleted tweets as well as those of many other public officials have been saved and indexed over at factba.se and fully available to help historians and prosecutors in the future.


Yes investigate, but who is going to do the investigating?

It cannot be political, so not Congressional hearings. That will end up being partisan.

It cannot be done by the Establishment, so no 9/11 or Warren Commission-like thing. As someone earlier commented, that will be a whitewash.

How about a Citizen’s Commission doing the investigating and having access to ALL the evidence collected by organizations like the FBI, police, experts, etc. and power to call witnesses.


Could be.

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A Citizen’s Commission would be very enlightening, yes.

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Have no doubt, our democracy is intact and functioning. Otherwise trump would be hanging somewhere on capital grounds.
We need to be cautious enough to not let things get further out of hand.

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djpfl - I don’t see your post anymore, so maybe you deleted it.

But to your questions about who was involved and their motivations, investigating the capitol insurrection would likely yield a range of answers similar to investigating a public lynching.

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If you go back and look at almost every single “High Profile” Commission that the US Government launched to investigate wrongdoing or potential wrong doing, they were all white washes. Even The Church Committee which exposed all manner of wrongdoing (including operation Mockingbird) covered up more then it exposed.

They let information out in dribs and drabs to give the appearance there some manner of oversight and people will be paid. The public accepts this and goes away thinking all is well. The CIA has a word for this deception. It a sort of “limited hangout” where they release stuff that while embarrassing never results in anything but censure, this allowing them to commit all manner of other crimes. IT is psyops.