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'What the Hell Happened?': Bowman Introduces COUP Act to Investigate Pro-Trump Mob's Capitol Attack

Who else had the power to make that happen when the intelligence agencies had warned of the high likelihood of violence?


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…And take the D’s with them. Time to start over from scratch…


Yeah…I am trying not to be too reactive in comments here and everywhere. But I do still feel the same as I expressed in the comment I deleted. Chaos and confusion with many actors and motivations last week at the capitol, it seems. And I fear we sill simplify it all by saying ‘terrorism,’ and lose more of our rights. Disheartening to see ‘progressives’ using such aggressive language.

This analysis is chillingly spot on:


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Yes, but one party at a time.

Well said my progressive friend.

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True and a safe bet. Even though I have not been able to find out who gave the order to stand down because that information seems to be so well hidden I would also put my $ on the Mafia Don who is the head of the Mafiaocracy.


For the people who entered the capitol, regardless of why they came to DC, there is no excuse. For those who might have stayed outside but still aided and abetted and battled the police, there is no excuse.

Even for those who naively believed Q or really think the vote was stolen from Trump but just stood around, there is no excuse. Maybe they did not participate in the violence and, yes, terror, they did nothing to stop it.

So in a sense, it did not matter why they came.

But, what I worry about is blanket outlawing of peaceful demonstrations and protest, because of this right-wing insurrectionist behavior. We are already seeing three states introducing legistation to do just that.

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Further consolidation of power over our lives by an unaccountable ruling elite is the worst possible outcome. But it’s the most likely course. Fascism is useful to the uniparty now, at a time when the plebs are pushed to their limits and furious about the pitiful state of the country. At the very moment when the fraud of neoliberalism was beginning to be unmasked, we were forced into our homes, made to bear witness to the greatest upward transfer of wealth in history and almost completely abandonment during a pandemic, the inevitable result of the ‘free market’ domination over all of our lives by an elite ruling class that has nothing but disdain for us. I could go on and on.

Lots of evidence coming to light about the event last week - deliberate lapses in security, clear intent to perpetrate violence, and even a mob chant to hang Mike Pence. Likely more to come. But we do not need more laws to deal with all that we find happened. And if we allow our dear leaders to settle on a course of BS charges that allow them once again to ‘look forward not back,’ another useless impeachment, further curtailing of our freedoms - and no prosecutions for the many crimes that clearly occurred, we will be truly fu*#ed.

So much to unpack here, with lots of blame rightly placed at the feet of those who participated in the event last week. But it’s our dear leaders who have done most of the packing, and I blame them above all. It’s long past time they be held to account.

Now there is evidence of possible collaboration between the insurrectionists and Repub members of Congress. It will take time to sort the attack on the capitol out.

Regarding holding a ruling elite to account, I agree with impeaching Trump AND with preventing consolidation of and, in fact, dismantling the power of a ruling elite. As one step, we have to make sure that an admittedly pre-meditated and violent insurrection and direct attack on members of the government is not used as the excuse to limit ALL legitimate dissent. We cannot have a repeat of something like the Patriot Act.

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