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What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Fracking


What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Fracking

Josh Fox, Lee Ziesche

When we hear politicians and gas companies extoll the virtues of fracking, jobs created by drilling is usually high on their list of talking points. But the jobs created by fracking are not the kind of quality jobs American workers deserve.

They are not the kind of jobs American laborers have fought and died for throughout our country’s history.


Thank you Josh and Lee for your important work.

In North Florida, I can't believe how much forest clear-cutting is going on and it's the same basic dynamic: pay men wages to destroy their own natural resources in a cycle sure to catalyze faster forms of global climate implosion.

This is so powerful and gets to the absolute crux of the issue. And while it applies to Fracking, it also applies to quite a few other enterprises, industries, and assaults on nature since that's what The Empire relies upon in the same way that vampires seek continuous live blood:

"The industry won’t tell you that the “good” jobs created by fracking are paying men to poison their own communities in order to feed their families. They won’t tell you that those jobs are not union jobs and if you get hurt, you are on your own. And they won’t tell you that the transition to 100 percent renewables will create hundreds of thousands of safer jobs."

Bravo that (Becoming) Big Solar was standing by with job applications!


It rather easy to make workers labor against their best interests. One just ensures all of the staples of life come only when one has money and then put that money under the control of the few.

I watched a documentary on the building of the Hoover dam. Over 100 people died, many more injured and poisoned in its construction for 5 dollars a day.

When some of the workers went on strike for better working conditions which included working in tunnels where temperatures exceeded 140 degrees Farenheit with next to no ventilation , the strikers were rounded up as agitators and replaced by workers lining up for those jobs.

Those few voices that still post here extolling the virtues of that so called free market would have us believe that in selling their bodies to the capitalists for a wage , a contract is freely entered into and there a free and fair exchange of goods . This is absolute nonsense.


Josh Fox does absolutely great work. But I'm troubled by the implicit values this argument entails. Fox has been eloquent on the ecological consequences of fracking in other work, but here the emphasis is on jobs, jobs, jobs.

Has Fox been advised that effective arguments must speak to short-term self-interest, buttressing the implacable system of wage-slavery governing our lives? Has focus-group testing confirmed that folks don't give a damn about the home planet?

What if the solartopians are wrong about "green growth"? What if saving the Earth inevitably requires economic contraction - scaling back our vain opulence?

Here in California, a bill to reduce fossil fuel use just failed in the legislature, when fossil fuel proponents successfully argued that people might want a healthy planet, but not if that means trading in the SUV.


"It rather easy to make workers labor against their best interests."

Money is against their best intere$t$, and they work for money.


Indeed. Quite some time ago there were a few of us pointing out how money is used as a control mechanism wherein a society structured around money is designed so as to ensure it required JUST to survive.

This IS capitalism.


RFK puts the fracking industry in proper perspective:


The problem with this frame is that WAY before capitalism entered the picture, there were always some who had more coins than others or more land than others. The planet is yet to see a truly egalitarian system although Europe's social democracies come closest (as did the Indigenous tribal system).

My point is that before capitalism and the establishment of The Corporation, say through the West India Company, the Salt Trade, or some other product... there were pharaohs and serfs, kings and subjects, tyrants and prisoners, and so forth.

Capitalism just centralized systems of monetary control, and in the U.S. the Fed (private banks' consortium) and the MIC are two of its quintessential staples.


Aleph, thank you for that .... the argument to build up the renewable system is one that is very conflicting to me. Now, what I am thinking, is that as long as we built enough for health care and any other serious life giving necessity, maybe we can go ahead with some of it. However, it is pushed with no mention of how we need to SLASH energy usage over all... and what that would entail. I am not trusting of any kind of sugary hope about renewables ....if it means keeping this capitalist, wasteful and corrupt system.


Every system where power inequitably distributed finds a different means of mortaring the bricks that are the structure. I speak to Capitalism because as currently constructed this existing structure crumbles without it.

It is the glue that holds it together.

Are all problems solved were it to disappear? Hardly but it's removal is a a start to tearing this rotten and corrupt structure down.


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Not sure. Around here you have to do something or get homeless. If a job is gotten that just covers expenses it is priceless. Stable income equals a steady female partner. It allows participation in social events. There is a whole lot of reasons that people do stupid stuff like jobs. The money is not a thing you have. It is just something to give to someone else so you will not lose the trailer you live in and the mother of your children.