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What the Koch Brothers Have to Do With the Flint Water Crisis



The Flint water crisis shows the utter impotence, immorality, idiocy and criminality of the notion "running government like a business". Snyder ran for governor on this platform touting his credentials as a successful business CEO. As any fool knows business is based on the bottom line $$$$ not the health and well being of citizens. The absolute corruption of our state and federal public servants both elected and appointed has lead us to this poisoning of an entire community. Public servants work of us, we put them where they are, it is up to us to put them in their place. They only have authority over us because we allow it. Wake up people time to run the bastards out and keep them out of our state and federal capitols. There corrupted criminals may be funded and supported by the 1% but we outnumber this 1% 99 to one. It is time to exercise our power for the greater good for ourselves, our children, grand children and all life on planet earth.


I find it troubling how "emergency managers" seems to be accepted. Maybe O'bama should appoint an emergency manager and remove the Gov.----I wonder how that would play out!--It is also hard to understand how people in Michigan can support Clinton when we all know she supports these trade deals that have destroyed the Michigan economy.


Sherlock Holmes would be nothing without his nemesis, Moriarty. There ARE dark powers and those with minds akin to them. Enter the Koch Brothers. Their dark genius was that they found ways to gather groups of billionaires together and hosting seminars at luxury locales, pushed a strategy that's paid exponential dividends.

That policy was the founding of think tanks along with "generous contributions" to universities. These in turn would hire academics ready to tout the bottom line resonant with the interests of the think tank founders and push their preferred principles.

In short, there are lots of very wealthy persons preaching the Gospel of the 1%. And since so many foundations can hide their grants or donors' names, many very positive-sounding entities ultimately get their marching orders from today's legion of Scrooge-like billionaires. Together, this group is increasingly writing the mass media narratives and defining what it means to be "serious adult" conversation.


FYI, the emergency manager of Flint in all of 2014 was Darnell Early, who is Black (and I presume a Democrat).


Thanks for the info.
My impression is that skin colour does not nowadays guarantee party allegiance. Plus I think it unlikely that Snyder and co would have picked a Dem, rather than a Rep...
i find it odd that this story has attracted so few comments - why???