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What the Media and Congress Are Missing on Zika and Poverty


What the Media and Congress Are Missing on Zika and Poverty

Jamila Taylor

Where is the sense of urgency?

In recent weeks, that is the question I continuously find myself asking as I read media accounts of Zika and follow the funding debate in Congress.


The deep state interests behind both major political parties in the US duopoly, truly do not give a shit about poor, working-class, people of color.

They don't care about people impacted by the Zika virus, or about any other disposable populations whose claims to humanity might interfere with the looting class program of infinite accumulation.

And behind the spectacle of a hated and dysfunctional Congress, these deep state interests set the actual priorities that their functionaries carry out.

Jamila Taylor asks: "What will it take for Congress to recognize the urgency in addressing Zika?"

A political revolution. And don't restrict that concept to a "ballot-box revolution." One way or another, the military, financial, and corporate interests that comprise the deep state in the USA, must be dis-empowered, and a holistic and humanistic ecological democracy must be built.


Ms. Taylor, it is a FACT that the Zika Virus has been around for several decades. How many cases of Microcephaly occurred?

Something else is going on here.

When elites want to push a program--like say, "The War on Terror" which arguably has SPREAD terror far and wide, they enact this scenario:

  1. They make a lot of noise about a problem
  2. The noise they make is intended to rouse fear and get an immediate reaction from the public
  3. Then they enter with the purported solution

Many people, myself included, are convinced that 911 was an Inside Job. The fear drummed up by that event caused the public to turn TO the perpetrators in pursuit of safety and security.

Does anyone trust Monsanto for food safety?

In many U.S. communities, the police are the greatest threats.

How many trust the Big Banks which have undue influence over the U.S. political process (as is also true in other nations)?

Is the U.S. media with its boilerplate Official Narratives worthy of trust?

My point is, don't be so quick to jump on the Zika bandwagon.

It could be that "the solution" will be worse than the mosquito.

Maybe Monsanto wants to pour its larvacide into more waterways... and blame the genetic defects on a naturally occurring mosquito.

Maybe a new pesticide or insecticide or genetic manipulation of a particular species is underway.

FAR more evidence of the link between a "Zika" mosquito and birth defects should be proven before $1.8 billion dollars is handed over to an egregious company whose specialties are toxic chemicals, genetic engineered defects, and war crimes!

I live in Florida and I am very afraid that this state's reptilian governor is salivating over the money to implement THE TRAVESTY here.


It is yet another opportunity for the cranks to emerge and vilify Rachel Carson anew. And so it begins:
Now what could possibly go wrong with that idea?


I agree with you.
To me an important parameter is to look at the incidence of the different kinds of complications that may be associated with Zika.

What is the incidence of microcephaly throughout Zika's range?

Is the only region with attention grabbing microcephaly north eastern Brazil?

What is the incidence of microcephaly for each strain of Zika in each region in Africa, i.e., its home range?

Early on the Brazilian microcephaly strain's genome was sequenced. It was found to differ in three areas from the genome of a reference African strain.

Are the isolates in the Caribbean, Central America and elsewhere in the Americas the same strain as the northeastern Brazilian one or do they differ?

Just because Zika viral particles and antibodies have been found in the blood of all microcephaly infants does not mean the virus was the cause. There could be something else in the environment that was the cause or that needed to be present in tandem with the virus to cause the deformity.
For example, the water in the region was and may still be being treated with an insecticide that kills mosquito larva by caused abnormal development.

Also there had been repeated releases of genetically modified mosquitos in the region of the outbreak. Did the unstable transposon used in creating the mosquitoes induce the human deformity or induce the mutations in the virus so that it then went on to induce the deformity?

My guess is that there are cell tissue experiments or mice model experiments that could be done to determine if all strains of Zika or only the one transmitted by the GM mosquitoes can induce microcephaly. It is after all in the region where Oxitec's gm mosquitoes were released that the outbreak originated and so far has only been documented.

Is all this fear mongering of Zika in general to detract from a genetic engineering experiment gone awry?


What is going on is, $1.9 billion dollars for the CDC. Scare the U.S. population and get big dollars.

Microcephaly has been researched before 1993 by Brazillian researchers. Their conclusion was that EXTREME poverty and malnourishment was the cause. It was so prevalent they considered it to be a new human species. Z Magazine published an article mentioning this in 1993 from Noam Chomsky. I believe the article was titled "The Clinton Vision".

Zika has been around for 50 years and is well known to cause flu-like symptoms that reside in 7 to 14 days.

Northeast Brazil is the capital of big agra business. Probably has one of the highest concentration of pesticides in the world. Yet, no one would dare test for pesticides in women that have children with microcephaly.

The evidence for Zika causing microcephaly is weak. Look for New England Journal of Medicine Zika Virus and Birth Defects.

The best study has 30% of women with Zika and microcephaly. That means 70% did not have the microcephaly. Again, no test for pesticides in the bloodstream. The Zika link is there but by no means the only contributor to microcephaly.

I truly believe this is another government agency trying to get Congress to grant it $1.9 billion dollars.

279 cases of Zika in the U.S. per date. Let's say 600 per year. That is .0001% of pregnant women (4.1 million annually). DO THE MATH. This is not an emergency.


You state: “...it is a FACT that the Zika Virus has been around for several decades. How many cases of Microcephaly occurred?” Fact: it's not known when any Zika virus strand mutated into existence. And there's nothing incongruous about that. It is not unusual for infectious agents to exist with little or any knowledge of their presence for several decades or longer only to be discovered later and traced retroactively through investigations.

Abuse of power has made for strong distrust. And objectivity can't match speculation and narrative writing for sheer interest. Activists have known that times of trouble are ripe for activism to get a foot hold. Apparently right-wing libertarian activists have been more than a little successful. Are people saying the CDC staff will gain financially? These are the critiques made on climate scientists. Virtually a copy and past replication. Understanding the growth and spread of the Zika virus and its causation or its shared causation or its lack of causation to Microcephaly is best done objectively. If that word hasn't already become extinct.