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What the Narcissists Have Done to Our Jobs and Health


What the Narcissists Have Done to Our Jobs and Health

Paul Buchheit

When Donald Trump blurted out "that makes me smart" as a reason for non-payment of taxes, he was revealing a truth about the American narcissist. Senator Lindsey Graham was equally arrogant when he stated, "It's really American to avoid paying taxes, legally...


And by the unavoidable absence of any mention of Hillary, she is any different?


Well, she's only HUGELY different. But you must know that.


Name a self-made person in America? You can't, because they don't exist! What the rich narcissists have done in America? 80,000 men, women, and children sleeping on the streets, currently every night in Los Angeles County, just one example of what they have done!


"Most disturbing is that 'upper-class' individuals tend to behave more unethically than average citizens"

Duh, that's HOW they became upper-class.


No homeland security for you if you happen to be homeless. No social security for you in this Motherland and Fatherland of Homeland Security!


No Mr. Buchheit, the 1% ARE NOT the ones who "believe in the self-made myth", they are just the propagandists who rationalize their sociopathic (or worse) behavior by endlessly repeating the myth to the extent that too many consumers and voters (who have no chance of ever increasing their wealth) believe the myth is a fact.

It is the 99%, not the 1% who "BELIEVE the myth".

Eight years of watching GOP voters voting against their own best interests during the Dubya Regime, followed by nearly eight years of Democratic Party voters doing the same during the Obama Regime confirms that the myth continues to be is alive and well.

Not to mention that votes nearly all Murkins cast in the marketplace each day also continuing to perpetuate the myth.


"Narcissism is defined in part as involving "inflated sense of their own importance...a lack of empathy for others." Scary enough with such a man running for president."

But scarier yet that so many people are willing to overlook the same in Hillary.

There was an article here recently about "Le droit du seigneur". Dickens wrote an episode on this in A Tale of Two Cities. It refers to more than just rape. We have an attitude of nobility (and serfdom) in this country. What I see as noble narcissism includes:

  1. An attitude that the rules don't apply to me. Technically Trump obeyed the rules when he declared a $917 billion loss. Technically Clinton has disobeyed the rules every step of the way and by the intercession of the rest of the ownership class, the message has always been that the rules don't apply to her because she is part of the nobility.

  2. An extreme disrespect for the people and planet they lord over. The corporations that Hillary works hand-in-hand with want a return to the days of the robber baron and TPP et al will give them this in a huge way. She fully supports fracking and coal as well. She sees nothing wrong with the destruction of innocent human lives in Muslim countries and except while offering lip service on the campaign trail, her attitude as always been the commoners do not matter..

Both candidates are narcissists, but much (perhaps most) of Trump's support comes from disgust in this trait from Hillary and the rest of the democrats. Please stop this hypocrisy.


People like you look for the non-existent perfect candidate. It is truly absurd that so many think that an outsider like Trump, a creature who is extremely messed up both mentally and morally, is some kind of answer. Take Trump's economic plan, for instance. Slash income taxes on the wealthy and corporations and end the estate tax. Then spend more on the military, building the WALL, etc. and explode the deficit. More dirty energy is also a feature. Global Warming is a hoax. Then let him appoint some more Scalias. Have you lost your mind?


Actually, I was looking for Jill Stein. But to simple minds, any criticism of Hillary indicates the intention to vote for Trump. And to simple minds, my comment could not have been about anything but whom we should vote for. It is a criticism of several things, all at once.


nephewsam, you did spend most of your post criticizing Hillary. Anyway, my reality is different than yours. I see Hillary as a decent person and the only other choice as a dangerous psycho. I see Stein supporters as rather too like Pontious Pilate.


Because it is in response to an article that criticized only the other side.


Neoliberals are getting so desperate that they are now equating the Green Party's Stein to Pontious Pilate ?

That is so sick that I need to laugh so I don't cry.


That's not even human. We have evolved as a social species, so this is definitely a disease.


Yes, this person did lose his/her mind, or is related to Trump.


Yes, I do not see criticism of Hillary as an automatic knee jerk for Stein who is a DOCTOR not a pol.


I do not understand the myth at all. Pulling yourself by the bootstraps and doing it all by yourself is a myth also. The truth is that we are interdependent.


Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and everyone's favorite tax payer Warren Buffet. I can go on.

Actually two thirds of millionaires are self-made. CD even had an article last year that somehow slipped this bit of information.


It is NOT American to avoid paying taxes. Most of us DO pay taxes. What makes people angry is paying for freeloaders. However, that has nothing to do with lowering business taxes to zero or having the wealthy send their assets overseas. It's just that society has been too naive or dumbed down to believe this. Even in the 1960s the wealthy paid a rate of 90% after the first 75,000 and people were not marching in the street refusing to pay. A government works much better when there are strong fed, state, and municipal branches that support jobs, schools, road work, and other infrastructure. A public that tries to starve its own government is only knocking itself down to the sewer. Also, most non union right to work states vote against their own interests.


That's right. Since nobody lives in a vacuum or is hatched, nobody is self made. Even businesses need investors/customers.