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What the Nordics Bravely Won, People Across the US Are Now Demanding


What the Nordics Bravely Won, People Across the US Are Now Demanding

George Lakey

For an activist with a sociological background, the chance to criss-cross the U.S. during the Sanders/Trump era is golden. The opportunity came from book touring for “Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right and How We Can, Too.”


Direct Democratic Socialism…We The People’s path forward!:v:
Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life💦
Follow the Red Path of resistance. My brothers and sisters have had a few centuries to practice.:pray:


This Nordic Model could work on Mars:


Scandinavians once thought America was the future. It is not any more. Marcus Thrane, the great Norwegian labor leader, came here and was originally buried in Wisconsin. His body was exhumed and returned to Norway. Thank goodness. The US hates labor and health in equal parts.


“Northern Europe” ?

What about north of 49 degrees latitude in North America where single payer started in sparsely populated Saskatchewan more than half a century ago and spread to the other provinces post haste ?

Living near the 49th I noticed border patrol resources including agents increase tenfold during the past decade. Perhaps so much US taxpayers’ money is being spent along the northern border to keep single payer from invading from the north ?


I would add that “Ådalen 31” is an excellent 1969 Swedish film by Bo Widerberg that dramatizes the events in Sweden leading up to the 1931 shooting. This event, often regarding as one turning point in Swedish labor history, was X-rated in the US and has been a little difficult to find with English subtitles until recently.


Nordics don’t watch as many commercials as Americans do, lulling us into complacency with the status quo.