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'What the Political Revolution Is All About': Historic Upset by Progressive Andrew Gillum in Florida

'What the Political Revolution Is All About': Historic Upset by Progressive Andrew Gillum in Florida

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite being massively outspent by his centrist millionaire opponents and lacking support from the Democratic establishment, progressive Andrew Gillum rode grassroots enthusiasm for his unabashedly left-wing agenda of Medicare for All and bold criminal justice reform to a shocking and historic upset victory Tuesday night in Florida's gubernatorial primary.

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Gillum is the real deal. A genuine person who can unite all people. Given its predicted future, Florida can really use someone like him as governor.


Any day the people can overpower the money is a good day! Florida, mired in a morass of regressive policies that have compromised its education, environment, and economy as experienced by the rank and file of society, deserves better. Gillum is far better motivated and qualified to steer the state into a more progressive path. Should he win, however, his chief challenge would be to overcome the legislature, which will no doubt remain in regressive reins. His most effective tool would probably be his veto pen, but it would be a good start.


Chaim Saban and the Democratic Leadership Council will do everything in their power to stop him. If youdon 't profess fealty to WallStreet and the Zionists you will be defeated. I have come to the conclusion that the American experiment is over and we are become a third world country with a first world military run primarily by Jewish monsters ( please see the Times of Israel article in which they transcribed the Netanyahu recording bragging about controlling Donald Trump).
That said, I wish him the best of luck.

Wow. “Jewish monsters”, eh? Talk about the convergence of the red (left) and the brown (fascist).


Let’s remember that George McGovern was also nominated with great popular enthusiasm from the grass roots on the left. This November will be the test of whether things have changed since those days when a right-wing president, (by the standard of those days anyway) with news of corruption and scandal swirling all around him, defeated McGovern in the most lopsided presidential election in US history.

I sure hope things have changed, but realistically, I don’t think they have.

In your comment you manage to point out that an American political party has changed, meaning it has moved to the right: “by the standards of those days.”

Yet in the same comment you express your belief that the other party remains consigned to the same centrist position they occupied 46 years ago.

Well, I want to thank you for calling out the precise reason that liberals should form their own party: They will always be marginalized and taken for granted by the Ds: “I sure hope things have changed, but realistically, I don’t think they have.”

How’s this for a concept? A new “progressive Party” allies with Dems on many votes, but stands firm against Dem establishment bullshit legislation like welfare reform and RomneyCare? That would be crazy, right?


In Murka and much of the world any “party” that attracts a lot of voters will also attract a lot of money from corporations’ inexhaustable money stockpiles. For progressives “parties” are therefore obsolete.

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I think we’re seeing the dawning of an era of coalitions in allied diversity. We NEED the diversity and awareness of what happens to concepts as they scale up and down. We have the Co-op model and similar infrastructure models to draw from and the duopoly /mafia has impoverished so much of the world that folks are beginning to pay attention to winds of change.


Wow, this is very exciting news. Imagine a Progressive as Governor of FL. Andrew Gillum is a breath of fresh air and I think Floridians are finally fed up with the insane policies of the Conservative Republicans.

Donald Trump and his White Nationalist cronies are very nervous that a Black man might win the governorship of an important pivotal swing State like FL.

He has already begun his fear mongering by Tweeting about how Tallahassee under Mayor Gillum is crime ridden.
The Nixonian approach about being the law and order candidate has worked very well for him in the 2016 election. Now he is trying the same crude approach.

His Royal Highness Tweeted:
“A failed socialist mayor…. allowed crime and many other problems to flourish in the city.”

In essence what the Sadistic man in the White House is saying is: watch out America the Mexicans are going to kill us all in our sleep and now the Blacks are trying to take over the Country.

I expect to hear his say: not only do we have to build a Wall to keep out those nasty rapists but now we have to build a Wall around Florida when that Black Man wins the governorship.

Andrew Gillum, congratulations on your Victory you almost make me proud to be an American again. If you win in November I will remove the word almost.

Let’s hope we can return sanity and decency to America and defeat the Fascists that are robbing our treasury and taxing the poor to pay for their war machine.

Mario Bello


I agree, Jewish mobsters (Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, Dershowitz, Adelson) would have been better. The mobster meme has American pedigree dating back to Myer Lansky, Ben(Bugsy) Seigal Mickey Cohen and Dutch Schultz. Al Capone didn’t have a patch on those guys.

You have a point. Back then the Democratic Party establishment did nothing to help and everything they could to hinder McGovern’s run as they had done to Eugene McCarthy in 68 and Henry Wallace before him. When right wing warmongers get together, both Dem and Rep, what can they not accomplish?


You are comparing apples to oranges here…and remember…Nixon resigned two years after that election due to HIS corruption, lies, high crimes and misdemeanors. Plus…back then the country was very divided on the war in Vietnam. The anti-war movement got larger and larger, and In the end, it was McGovern who was on the right side of history.


Of course McGovern was on the right side of history. But he still lost the election and conservatives Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and onward - ruled.


McGovern lost because the people of the USA are fundamentally very conservative and have an aversion to anything that smacks of “socialism”.

And no, I don’t have an answer as to how we can change this situation. But cowering in a state of Pollyannish denial definitely does not work.

Losses of progressives to hard-right wingers in the upcoming elections may have a silver lining because it will finally bury this strange theory that Democrats lose because they are “not left enough” for the voters and so the would-be leftist voters (for some strange reason) vote for neo-fascist right wingers instead.

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What you propose is fine, but unless we have power, it will be just a parlor game and nothing will change.

I’m not saying that progressives are going to lose. If there has been a genuine transformation of voting USAns and they are no longer swayed by red-baiting and racist dog-whistles, then the progressives will win. The upcoming election will be a test.

But right now, outside of some urban neighborhoods, I don’t see such a transformation. Almost all my co-workers and most of my neighbors love Trump.

I’m translating your comment as such:

This doesn’t look like the time in history when progressives will make serious inroads in reforming the D-party.

But we should vote them anyway because Trump is worse, and in some magical future, the D-party will actually listen to progressives even though they can take progressives like me (Yunzer) for granted because they are too cowardly to go anywhere else.

Is that basically your stance?


Wouldn’t you rather be fighting the Democrats rather than the Republicans? It is awful hard to fight Democrats when they are not even in power and therefore in a position to be fought. We might as well be some chickens fighting with each other while on our way to the packing plant.

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We are all proud of you Andrew.

Don’t let the Democratic Party Establishment change you.

The media moguls who buried 14 thousand sniper shot Palestinians are monsters. As are those who buried Rachel Corrie’s story. As are those over at Facebook who helped Burma commit ethnic cleansing and mass murder with Israeli-bought weapons. There are Jewish monsters too, just we don’t ever hear much about them for some reason. I know you’re all lathered up to nail Catholics I’m sure…