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What the Right "Gets" About Free Trade


What the Right "Gets" About Free Trade

Sujata Dey

For Canadians, the American presidential primaries always promise great entertainment value. They’re showy, strewn with flags and red, white and blue balloons flooding the convention floors. They’re full of one-liners and zingers, and full-frontal combat.

And this year, there is a surprising turn in the election. The TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the mega-agreement with 40 per cent of the world’s economy, is turning many voters sour. It, and NAFTA before it, evoke an allergy to free trade agreements in general.


Tell it to Obama and much of the Democratic establishment who continue to push hard for TPP. As for Clinton, I wouldn’t exactly call her just in time for the election flip-flop on the current trade deals as rallying against them. She does assure us, however, that she won’t sign any trade deal which harms American workers. Such a deal is a contradiction, of course, but it does give her the option of signing future trade deals. Not exactly anti-trade deal, but definitely typical Clinton hedging for the sake of political expediency.


We all loose even the winner eventually loose the planet that they parked their fat behinds on while they pave over paradise. Multi national go around the world raping and pillaging countrysides extracting resources to make more trinkets in slave labor camps they create. Transportation costs soar as good are moved around the world and CEO salaries have went up 300% but we still get cheap goods?

Less is better, how do you put the jeannie back in the bottle? Do they have an exit plan that does not include the rest of us on a far away planet?

We all need to go back to living/buying locally, regionally, nationally. We need to make/manufacture what we need. What we can’t get locally we can import it but we don’t need so much. Of course we have disrupted so many peoples way of live around the world who are now living in cardboard boxes where they go to work everyday or in factory farms built to house these slave laborers. A way of life has been changed forever, a person who lived off the land has been displaced by dams, highways, deforestation, and god knows whatelse or in the name of a few seeking more profits for themselves.

Some how that “profit at all costs and no cost assessed against polluters” will have to cease!
The people of the world have been paying for their pollution for too long.

Of course, this is crazy talk.


Like the mainstream media, Dey mischaracterizes Sanders’ role and platform when she writes:

“Sanders is rallying”, when in reality he was the first of the “ten candidates” to make TPP an issue in the campaign, thereby forcing Clinton to “rally” and address TPP.

“Sanders is targeting free trade”. Sanders is not anti-trade, he has serially targeted corporate control and the rigged trade rules they promulgate.


Precisely why Obama redeployed Max Baucus to China to smooth things over for TPP, after Baucus completed his ACA marketing campaign.


“We all loose even the winner eventually loose the planet that they parked their fat behinds on while they pave over paradise…”

The word “loose” means something that does not fit securely.

The word “lose” means to forfeit something.

P.S. When it’s close to your birthday, why not hint to a loved one that you’d like a copy of Spell-check for your computer. (I only pointed 1 mistake out of at least 4.)


“not harming American workers” is a two-bit carny line from HRC. she’ll go right back to supporting the TPP, like she always has.


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If you open up the borders to free flow of trade economics and money, you better expect people will want a free flow of migration across bidders also.


If Trump has his way & overnight sends millions of workes out of the country, institutes a 35 % tarrif on all imports, it would have an amazing effect on unemployment & would increase wages and U.S. construction & rehabilitation of plants, and industrial production. It would also create no end of legal troubles for the US for breaching no end of agreements.Trump’s problem is his personality, someone will come along, is already out there, perhaps a military chap who doesnt behave quite as grossly who will take the country intoi the same Nationalist Socialist direction.


Quite honestly, many of the “right’s” supporters — the T-partiers, Libertarians, etc…would agree on many of Bernie Sanders campaign platforms. He wants to take the power away from the rich and connected, the banks, the “Too Big to fail”, and the political elites and politically connected…and give it back to the people. Now, if only they were open minded enough to listen and knew how to READ!


O Watersisland, you started out so well! They can read and do read. I believe there are far too many people on the left and right who don’t know how to research though. But more important than that, the influence of religion, the mainstream media, our history and civics lessons, our textbooks, our income levels, the two-party system, fascination with sports, etc. all play a role in how we participate in this democracy, and the message for us plebians from on high is, “Don’t bother, we’ve got your back.” Wink wink, nod nod.

Stupid people are everywhere and so are intelligent ones, but brain power is not the only thing at work in elections. We could, after all, ask why are so many people who do read supporting Clinton?