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What the Senate Needs to Know About Gina Haspel


What the Senate Needs to Know About Gina Haspel

Christopher Anders

President Trump announced Tuesday on Twitter that he has decided to elevate Gina Haspel to be the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, succeeding Mike Pompeo, who he has nominated for secretary of state.

While the ACLU does not take positions on nominees, we do take a strong stance against torture.


A good article by Mr. Anders, and of course he is right. However he makes a bad assumption in thinking that the Senate actually opposes torture. Recall that its report last year never saw the light of day.

With our Judeo Christian heritage, the US and its Senate actually approve of torture.


Trouble is so does much of the rest of the world else Israel would not be committing genocide in the Palestine nor would Myanmar doing the same against the Rohingya.


“I love it. I love it, I think it’s great,” Trump said of waterboarding during the presidential campaign.

Me too ! Well what I mean that so many of pusgut’s efforts have such a negative effect. The world will again be exposed to our hypocritical governmental policies. More news of sanctimoniousness to be on display for the world to see. Don’t do what we do only do what we tell you to to do.

Trouble is the world court so far has exonerated the war criminals such as Cheney, Bush, Tony Blair etc


Rather than being considered for this position Gina Haspel should be in prison.


Not just her. The entire gang in the Bush administration should be in prison for their crimes.


Like the Man said: “Shit’s gettin’ real, yo!”


For anyone who believes in true Evil, Haspel is it. This country seems to be going out of its way to become more Evil as time passes. We elect clearly Evil leaders (either the lesser or greater variety), who enact Evil policies, and appoint even more Evil people below them. The fact that they attend church and smile and speak civilly (sometimes) and love their children does not lessen the destruction and harm that they cause. All worship one god, Mammon, and put him above all others, even at the expense of people’s lives and health. One only need look at the way they whore themselves to the NRA and the Health Insurance companies to see this in action.

Haspel’s confirmation will sail through, have no doubts. And rightfully so - she is a perfect face for the USA, alongside Trump. Two grinning ghouls leering out at the world from their perches atop an Evil Empire.


Makes one think of Tolkien…our world is being overrun with Orcs. Haspel is the slathering female version. Gross.


And what will the Democrats do? Hmmmmmmmm


Haspel is sleeping well tonight, knowing Feinstein has her back.

Again, I do hope I’m proven entirely wrong on this.


And those who acted with intention to coverup their war crimes, and block prosecution of such.


I think a semi-competitive primary has done wonders for Feinstein. No bank bill, no negotiating on tax cuts—baby steps.


just a minor correction. it seems she still is all for torture (just not specific to Zubayda) and the cover up…


Exactly, no big deal. She just oversaw the waterboarding of a detainee and ordered the destruction of evidence of the heinous war crime of torture.

Feinstein has her back however, and of course Obama is wishing a smooth confirmation for her as well.


shred, shred, shred those videos…


O’Bummer too, and Pelosi, for allowing them – and the Wall Street banksters – to get away with it.

How about we waterboard YOU, Tweetle-Dumb — and then hang you for treason when you confess!!