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What the UK’s Labour Party Can Teach Democrats About Internationalism

What the UK’s Labour Party Can Teach Democrats About Internationalism

Michael Galant

One year ago, the UK Labour party released its guiding manifesto on international development.

Written by then Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Kate Osamor, the brief, accessible manifesto overturns the dominant neoliberal development model and replaces it with a bold, progressive vision of “A World For The Many, Not The Few.”

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Excellent review, and critique of the neoliberal Democrats. Far far cry from anything possible under the current leadership of the Democratic Party.

There should be a “shadow leadership” of actual anti-neoliberal Democrats (AOC, Talib, Jayapal, Sanders etc.), who draft proposed US policy documents like the Labour manifesto in the UK.


Thanks, CD. Great article.

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It’s interesting how absolutely timid all so-called progressives have become. Karl Marx talked about overthrowing the capitalist system. So did folks like Rosa Luxemburg and Eugene Debs. Then the world wasn’t ready for the message.

Today, though, it’s increasingly clear that capitalism is destroying the planet and reducing our society back to neo-feudal relations with a few super-wealthy overlords and the peon masses. The fossil fuel capitalists continue to successfully obstruct measures that are absolutely necessary to avoid climate disaster. The military industrial complex continues successfully to undermine any attempt at world peace. The economic system, far from distributing its bounty in a fair manner is making the rich richer at the expense of everyone and everything else.

Perhaps capitalism can’t be irradicated, but at least it’s got to be bottled and throttled to the point where us humans are in control rather than soulless corporations.

With the knowledge and technology we have, we could make this world a paradise. Or we could continue on the course of sending future generations to capitalist hell.


To paraphrase Norquist, let’s just shrink it to the size where we can drown it in the bath tub.

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These are not new ideas.


And we have had a series of Labour government after government who once in power face the reality of running capitalism in the interests of the capitalists and all their laudable hopes and aspirations are compromised and chucked away for the pragmatism of holding office. Don’t expect anything different from Corbyn.

Paying lip-service to “socialist” ideals has been the ideological honey to sweeten the poison of class-rule that Labour Party leaders have been feeding us for years.

Hi alanjjohnston: but what even worse ideas came from Teresa May! I was in England in 2017 and saw Grenfell, and that is what I always associate with Teresa May. In Teresa May, I see a burned out, crumbling reflection of inane government and a selling of the joys of some to use the non fireproof cladding so that reality could not show through, until was too late! America has a lot of that too–and it really is all about the Benjamins everywhere in the world. There’s that and the ridiculous Russia and the ex Russian spy poisoning debacle which made no sense at all.
Maybe it’s the polluted food and polluted air and poisoned water, which is now all around the world that is making so many in leadership into loons~ because what happened to Julian Assange and is still happening, is injustice which many in America government love too.But still. I l think Corbyn is a better human being than the weird May.