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What the UN Must Do To Wipe Out Cholera in Haiti


What the UN Must Do To Wipe Out Cholera in Haiti

Ralph Frerichs

It is not enough that the United Nations is finally beginning to acknowledge its involvement in the lethal cholera epidemic in Haiti. Now it must urgently do everything in its power to eliminate cholera in Haiti before thousands more die.

Cholera was brought to Haiti in October 2010 by UN peacekeepers from Nepal. Some of the Nepalese peacekeepers had been infected with the disease in their home country. And due to close quarters and poor sanitation practices, the disease quickly spread throughout the Nepalese camp near the interior town of Mirebalais.


What happened to Haiti--and I am not talking about the quake or subsequent storms--was a crime against humanity.

No one has ever explained where the MILLIONS donated went... apart from Bill Clinton's cheap, formaldehyde leaking trailers that gave the kids headaches while inside of them. (These were used as school room substitutes).

Huge sums were used to set up U.N soldiers who, instead of using their manpower to build cheap housing for the poor, stood around and literally shat on the local people in the ways that led to the Cholera epidemic.

Michael Franks is one of the better lyricists of modern times and some of his song lyrics apply:

"The blankets they give the Indians, only make them die...
Sing a song, forgotten for too long
and let the music flow, like light into the rainbow..."


Provision of vaccine (oral) and clean water, and rehydration kits for the sufferers from cholera.. How challenging that must be.

One wonders how the UN can possibly manage!


Perhaps the US can fly some drones overhead. That'll save the day...