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What the US-Backed Slaughter of Children in Yemen Looks Like: 'Warning: The Images... Are Extremely Graphic'


What the US-Backed Slaughter of Children in Yemen Looks Like: 'Warning: The Images... Are Extremely Graphic'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As part of the effort by anti-war progressives to bring an end to the U.S. involvement with the ongoing war in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a new video released Friday morning shows the horrific aftermath of a bombing last month that left scores of children dead after their bus was bombed with American-made weapons.


Warning: The Images are extremely graphic.

Too bad there is not some way these “extremely graphic images” can be blown up and plastered in the halls of Congress. Also, the oval office even though it would be called false pictures, but at least Trump’s people that call themselves the resistance would have to look at them.


I have a lot of time for Tulsi Gabbard. She was speaking up against these wars ever since she achieved office and did not start to be concerned just because Trump President.

I have little time for some of those others that were ok with it when Obama supporting the Saudi’s and those same hospitals and wedding parties being bombed.


"For too long, the United States has turned a blind eye to the atrocities being committed against civilians in Yemen by the Saudi-U.S. coalition." Citing the massacre of those children on the bus - just the latest in a long string of horrors in this genocidal war that has killed tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians, with bombs and mass starvation, creating the worst humanitarian crisis in the world."

"The time for crocodile tears and baseless platitudes is over, enough is enough. The U.S. must end its support for Saudi Arabia, and stop waging interventionist wars that increase destruction, death, and suffering around the world, drain our resources here at home, and threaten our own national security."

- Rep. Tulsi Gabbard


These pics should be on every tv screen and paper /magazine for all to see exactly what our tax dollars are paying for , out of sight out of mind should no longer be an option


We should cut off aid to Saudi Arabia. I hope Tulsi Gabbard or someone like her replaces Nancy Pelosi.


Yes. Same with the pictures of the Iraq invasion. There were not many of those either!!!


I missed the part where she said she is truly sorry for her role in killing babies and other people earlier, or where she resigned from her killer gang in protest. She is not as bad as some in Congress, but that does not make her good overall, just on some issues.


This carnage is what the controllers of the US government stand for and demand. This is also how US citizens who stand up for justice will be treated when push comes to shove. Not that far off as you may think.


US military support for this war will continue until larger numbers of people, from all sectors of the US society, engage in boycotts, protests, and civil disobedience.

Unfortunately, I have been found that the photos and this video, are having the opposite reaction among many engineers in the US. While some folk, such as myself, have been pushing for engineers to refuse to work on weapons R & D, the most common line I hear from engineers, including some in the engineering ethicists, is that the slaughter of Yemeni kids should change nothing because it was just an unfortunate accident resulting from the fog of war.


I will send this article to my local politician in Scotland.She has been asking the UK government many questions about it’s involvement in supplying 5 billion worth of weapons to the Saudi government last year all e.
As I see it they are all complicit.It is the conciousness of using violence to stop violence that creates this kind of nightmare.
There are other ways to be peaceful…


You make a valid point because in my view, it is not much of a stretch until the Amerikan, fascists will be able to link non-violent US citizens who stand up for justice… to terrorist sympathizers!


Why are we participating in the destruction of Yemen and its innocent population? In Afghanistan, we were told that we were destroying the Taliban, who were responsible for 9/11. In Iraq, we were told that we were preventing an unbalanced dictator from developing and/or using chemical and nuclear weapons. In what way does Yemen threaten us, that we should bomb its cities, including its schools and hospitals, into oblivion? Is it simply to suck up to Saudi Arabia - not a paragon of civil rights - for oil? When we are told that we can produce enough ourselves if only we are allowed to devastate our protected public land? .Or is it simply to enrich our bloated ams industry without regard for what those arms have done, and continue to do, to the Middle Earast?y,


I wrote an article about a year ago and at the bottom I installed a photo slider. It has 392 images and is at the bottom of the article. It mostly focuses on children, but there is the occasional adult. There are quite a few repulsive photos in there. The people in there are victims of either the US or Israel. There are a very few repeats. I scanned it a couple of times to weed them out. They are not in Yemen. At least I doubt it. They are all in the Middle East.

I think it is safe to say that we have killed at least 2 Million people in the Middle East since we first bombed Iraq… Out of all that, would that number not include at least 750,000 children? Then there are the 576,000 children under the age of 5 in Iraq that died because of our sanctions in the early 1990’s. Where is the outrage over the slaughter we have perpetrated against millions of innocent people? How many of that 2 million were actually enemy soldiers fighting us… 10%, 20%?? What of the tens of millions of refugees we have created and what has become of them?

Of course, it is mostly kept out of the mainstream media. http://sungraffix.net/hypercriticalmode/the-truth-now-hides/ The Truth Now Hides


The Fourth Estate does an excellent job at protecting the Fourth Reich!


For lack of a better (unique) name, Fourth Reich will do. It provides instant recognition of the implication… and, indeed, it is by virtue of the same sort.


And, what’d ya know?! <-> The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building (home of the German parliament) in Berlin on 27 February 1933, one month after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. The National Socialist party stated that Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch council communist, was found near the building and attributed the fire to communist agitators in general—though in 1933, a German court decided that van der Lubbe had acted alone, as he claimed. After the fire, the Reichstag Fire Decree was passed. The Nazi Party used the fire as evidence that communists were plotting against the German government, and the event is considered pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. The term Reichstag fire has come to refer to false flag actions perpetrated or facilitated by an authority to promote their own interests through popular approval of retribution or retraction of civil rights. {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichstag_fire}


Come to think of it… NATO perpetrated the sanctions against Iraq in about 1991 that killed the 576,000 young children. Of course you would assume that it killed many more above the age of 5 as well. 10 years before the attack. It has been a common practice for the aggressor to kill off the men and children of their foe to prevent them from growing up and seeking vengeance or, at least, being able to fight back on a return trip… not to mention using the women to procreate their own tribe.

The Nazis we supported in the Ukraine not long ago would do that. They would kill the men and rape the women and children of the Russian speaking variety… but they mostly did not have much of a plan with that as they would then herd them into large buildings, maybe cut some throats and shoot a few, lock them in, then set the buildings on fire.


U.S. involvement will end when America gets around in vehicles powered by storage batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. (Or Americans reform their electoral systems and make it feasible to elect other than ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’ administrations.)

Meanwhile: A possible path to ending the ‘Oil Wars’ (which began when Admiral John (‘Jacky’) Fisher initiated the the conversion of the British Royal Navy from coal burning to oil burning in the early 1900s) - https://blog.csiro.au/hyper-for-hydrogen-our-world-first-carbon-free-fuel/


True, but according to fascist, mad woman, not so bright: " IT WAS WORTH IT!"