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What the US Military Doesn't Know (and Neither Do You)


What the US Military Doesn't Know (and Neither Do You)

Nick Turse

Sometimes the real news is in the details -- or even in the discrepancies. Take, for instance, missions by America’s most elite troops in Africa.


Are US troops being present in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere causing the number of terrorist attacks to decline or are those troops causing the spike in terror attacks?


Clearly the MIC gets too much money and too little oversight. We already know they create terrorists with their constant interference in the activities of other countries. But then they can get more money.
"Ike" warned us they would get out of control and they have. Since it seems there is no one that can reign them back in, this will not end well.


Please not US Coast guard in Nepal, gateway to the Himalayas. All this and Paul Ryan and company want to bust poor people's chops for having food stamps to buy food, Cause Paul Ryan says we can't afford food for the poor.


Gotta make Africa safe for democracy.

How do you define "democracy" ?

Paving the way for the Gates Foundation, Mosanto and others who finance their vision of democracy.


I read somewhere that China is also in Africa. Building relationships through infrastructure and commercial projects. We're probably building military relationships to counter any Chinese influence the only way we know how. Violently.


Both things you say are true.


Don't forget the Clinton Foundation!


Paul Ryan wants that food to go to the USA Coast Guard in Nepal so they have the energy to climb Mt Everest & build bases there.


You know we don't have boots on the ground in Syria. Special Forces don't wear boots; they wear "enhanced feet protection devices."


MARS RULES... you heard it here, first!


Who knew the US had coast line in Nepal?


You can read In Search of Enemies by John Stockwell for some background on the difference between US and Chinese actions in Africa back in the 1970's. The US was into regime change and handing out arms while the Chinese were building roads and schools.


Or, racial/and/or civil war.


"In Search of Enemies"....Great book!