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What the World Should Look Like

What the World Should Look Like

It's been so long - oh this dark slog of a year - since any good news, we admit it took us all day to register the joy of Tuesday's trans, black, gay, Sikh, Latina and many women defiantly taking back our country. One of our fave winners is this guy, Braxton Winston, who won a seat on Charlotte's City Council; his goal is "to speak up on behalf of my children, myself, what I believe in and what the world should look like.”


Thank you Braxton Wilson

You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows:

“possession of a gas mask with intent to disobey the lawful order of a law enforcement officer in an extraordinary zone”

I dedicate this song to the almost ready to wake up members of police and armed (the same thing?) forces

and its one two three what are we fighting for?


Thanks for the music. I lived in a housing co-op with Country Joe’s parents, Florence and Mac, and met him a couple of times. Florence McDonald was a terrific person, a good friend, and one of the most influential people in forming my political ideas at the time. She was elected both as Auditor of Berkeley and as a City Council person and never strayed from her principles. I was proud to serve as her campaign treasurer when she ran for California State Controller on a divest from war platform.


I met Mac McDonald too. He was a regular on University and book seller back in the day. Very nice man. Country Joe still provides a lot of information on his site:


Thanks for the good news Abby. Cheers.

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Yes - Mac’s book “An Old Guy who Feels Good” was a great read about his life. He loved to stand out on Telegraph Avenue and talk to people who stopped to browse through his book. I don’t think he really cared whether he ever sold any.


Oh, thanks for reminding me I had forgotten the name of the book. I haven’t read it (I’m so behind on reading) but maybe I will. Such a turbulent and creative time. :slight_smile:

Do the commenters here still think that the left should reject what they call “identity politics” but is more typically called “anti-racism/anti-sexism/anti-homo-transphobia”, and embrace white, male Trump-lovers as a vehicle for leftward progress?

It seems to me that embracing the sizable majority of young USAns, who identify by race/gender/sexual and leftist politics might be a the vehicle for real progress, not embracing the dead-end right-wing over-40 white male rural/suburban minority.

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I’d say embrace everyone - and let them identify any way they desire. Ethnic heritage, religion, race, gender, and so forth are an important part of who we are. We need a level playing field for all but one that is not ignorant of history. “Sorry my daddy beat you to a pulp - but let’s just all start from where we are and move forward” is flawed logic in my opinion.

Embracing enemies is a waste of time…

Just to be clear - by “everyone” I was referring to every ethnic group, religion, race, gender, etc … not to incorrigible individuals.

Mr. Winston:

Excellent! I hope that you can use your influence on the Charlotte City Council to do some good in that city. Maybe hold the cops in check. Keep the skullbusters at bay.