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What They Want to Hide Tells You Who They Are


What They Want to Hide Tells You Who They Are

Liz Ryan Murray

The Treasury Department has released their report on financial regulations they want to scrap. Spoiler alert: the Wall Street sharpies who Trump put in charge of our economy, who made fortunes on both ends of the housing collapse, think pretty much all regulations on banks, including home lenders, should go.


Seems like democracy keeps getting in the way of the big boys doing business.


This explains “What they want to hide” — EMPIRE:

Conclusion, I posted to the NYT this morning:

"Why Congress-critters are under the gun?

This morning’s “Morning Joe”, of course, put the real perspective on
this horrific shooting and more broadly the increased level of
‘hate’ in our proud country, our cherished democracy, of America.

Joe and Mika (daughter of the just memorialized hero of our foreign
policy success, Zibigniew Brzezinski) have concluded from listening to
Nancy Pelosi’s, Paul Ryan’s, Donald ‘Healer in Chief’ Trump’s, and other
leading DC political leaders calling for ‘dialing-back this anger’ and
getting back to “understanding again that we’re all one family”, the
scared Congressional critters on “both sides of the aisle” are now
finally becoming aware that there may well be a very ‘personal price’
for their ‘services provided’ to the powerful and dark structure which
they all ‘cover-up’ for.

Yes, Joe! And based on your excellent, cute, but elite band, you might
want to sing this famous song and let the people know what is really
hiding behind this new found need for ‘dialing-back the hate’.

So, sing it out Joe, loud and clear, Joe!:

“There’s trouble right here in River City, and that starts with ‘T’, and
that rhymes with ‘E’, and that stands for EMPIRE”.

So tomorrow on “Mourning Joe”, you can tell all your political pals the
real reason they are the stand-in ‘clay pigeons’ for this Disguised
Global Capitalist EMPIRE, this first in the world;
‘effectively-disguised’, ‘truly-global’, and crony ‘capitalist-fueled’


I’ve watched this “save the middle class families” meme going on now - starting with when the useless AFL-CIO adopted it as a triangulation to the right, since the Clinton years. And what I said about it then is still true today - we don’t need to “save the middle class” who, by definition are living quite fine in their nice suburbia and SUV’s; we need to save the Poor!. This “save the middle class” meme also has a not-so-subtle smell of racism.

If someone has been driven to precarious poverty by their capitalist boss and predatory banks, then, by definition, they are poor and crating tolerable conditions for them brings us back to the proper framing - which is that a great part of the white working class needs to stop describing themselves “middle class” even when they hardly have a pot to piss in, and call themselves that our black citizen’s seem to have always had no problem describing themselves - Poor.


There are only two classes:

  • The working class, and
  • The (capitalist) ruling class.

I will not use the terms of my enemies. I will not allow them to define and determine the narrative.


yes! whenever i hear anyone call to protect “the middle class” i think that know it or not, that person also wishes to maintain a money oriented upper, middle and lower class system. after all, a “middle” class has to be sandwiched between something, doesn’t it?


And #4, at the end of the day, when you are down about #1-3, and come home and want to relax, they want you to drink, better yet, get drunk, so drunk you can’t think, rather have one little hit, or God forbid – two.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein response yesterday to questioning about marijuana laws (not medicine, which he is completely unqualified to speak about)

"Scientists have found that there’s no accepted medical use for it."

Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People To Drink?


And, please, when these parasites on Wall Street who hedge their risky bets with our money (what we personally store with them or what our tax dollar [government] supports for them) get the scrutiny they deserve, will we scrutinize the history of Zionism’s control over US foreign policy??? It’s contributed even more to our moral decay because it hurts the rest of the world so much.


I haven’t seen you commenting here in quite a while. Hope all is well with you.


The public should automatically think “fraudster” instead of “banker”. The Sec of Treasury is one of the greatest Fraudsters. His bank dispossessed many of their homes. I read that they owned 16% of the reverse mortgage market, but made 40% of foreclosures to those individuals. He was almost indicted, should have been, by California’s justice department. In general though, finance has run wild, and it destroyed itself, self-destructed. Here’s a little data:
Between 1980 and 2008, 28 years, the economy’s per capita “disposable personal income”, grew by 79%. (from BEA.gov, Personal Income, Table 2.1)
Total domestic debt increased by 230%, from $10.6 trillion to $34.9 trillion.
So debt growth nearly tripled the rate of economic growth (79 times 3 = 237.).

Financial Corporate debt grew from 20.7% to 120.0% of GDP (in 2015 it’s at 85%)
Household debt grew from 50.2% to 96.6% of GDP – The entire industry were making bad loans that collapsed, and it gave us the Great Recession, remember? This is the industry that sunk the U.S. economy, remember? Finance did not create low income for workers, it only capitalized on those low incomes. We need a Rooseveltian federal jobs program, a higher minimum wage, and higher EITC, and a cut in taxes for income below $120,000.


This is comprehensive. Thank you.
I think more in terms of evolutionary development of pro-social psychology as opposed to anti-social behavior. I’m not sure at what point the two shade into each other. That’s important to me because the former leans away from moral judgments which are so often colored by classism. On the other hand, I believe judgmentalism is rooted in survival instinct to shun what’s perceived as unsafe.
Anyway, what I’m saying is what looks like willful ignorance is so culturally reinforced that I always feel guilty when I judge people like Secretary Sessions for their antedeluvian racism. That’s the swamp he has been swimming in since conception. Of course, we can’t let him off the hook anymore than we can let Trump off the hook for all his transgressions against us. The Trump gang really doesn’t get it that we all thrive when we ALL thrive. It’s so self-evident outside the swamp.