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What to Do About Disloyal Corporations


What to Do About Disloyal Corporations

Robert Reich

Just like that, Pfizer has decided it’s no longer American. It plans to link up with Ireland’s Allergan and move its corporate headquarters from New York to Ireland.


The lawyers that dreamed up the TPP and TIPP are thinking several moves ahead. By creating a legal framework that privileges corporations at phenomenal cost to citizens/taxpayers, they're essentially removing any benefits that would accrue to being based in America. After all, with corporations writing the so-called rules of trade and setting up a framework where their cronies determine the legalities should any opposition brew among labor rights groups, environmental activists, or human rights advocates... the advantages of being BASED in America fade out and away.

These treaties open the entire world to the plunder of corporations who already have obscene track records insofar as resource decimation, public health impacts, and animal/species extinction.

They are breaking down the legal framework itself.


Oh that is "easy":Remove their charters.


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When Pfizer announced its link up with Allergan and offshore move it noted that many New York employees would be kept employed by Pfizer in New York, no doubt to be close to their Wall Street cronies and to give the now too-big-to-fail Pfizer leverage to get taxpayer funded bailouts that the too-big-to-fail banks have found to be so lucrative.


Yes, except for the fact it won't happen and the corporations know it. As long as corporations control congress with campaign donations they won't permit this type of legislation to pass.


I agree with the idea that the US should cease to aid companies if they become foreign. But let's be careful not to talk of a corporation's "citizenship", because they don't have any. Corporations in the US are not citizens, because they are not people. The term "corporate citizenship" endorses, at the level of ideas, the twisted decision in the Corporations United case.

Oh, wait -- didn't those corporations pretend to be "citizens" by calling themselves "Citizens United"? Let's reject the idea that corporations have a "citizenship".


Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity.

If i recall correctly... :smile: