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What to Do When Your Democracy Is on Fire: Vote!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/what-do-when-your-democracy-fire-vote

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All the voting in the world won’t make a difference if Donald won’t step down.
We had a chance to impeach Trump earlier, but because the Democrats are equally guilty of the crimes we’re accusing Trump of, it would have been difficult jailing his cabal while leaving the criminals at the Democrat Party alone.
Now we’re at a crossroads. Trump will declare himself the victor tonight regardless of the vote count. Where do we go from here? Are Americans willing to risk their lives to swap out one criminal for another in the White House? Or do we just accept the fact that elections are pretty much meaningless when both Party’s are indistinguishable from each other?
The only upside I see here is that at least Americans will no longer use that silly label of “democracy” in the same breath as the United States. An ignorant electorate is what brought us to such a horrible position. Two Party’s that are pro war, anti healthcare, pro prison, anti black, pro police, anti climate and pro poverty. This is the best we can expect from a government that takes ALL of its cues from corporate America and throws the 99% under the bus every time.


Well they voted and the 99% just fucked themselves AGAIN.

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I beg to differ with the importance of this vote. I see it as one of the least important because neither candidate won’t change a damn thing enough to matter in the long run. I didn’t vote in a blue state(NM), because both candidates are war mongers, and I’d say Biden is worse than Trump on that matter. So why bother? The election will come down to a few key counties when all is said and done. No one will do what’s needed to save Earth. Just putting a halt to all military action, worldwide, might buy us a few more years 'till the 'Great Collapse of Industrial Civilization. It’s coming regardless.

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The country is on fire precisely because what passes for democracy in this country is a sham. We are living beneath the thumb of a corrupt corparate oligarchy with kleptocratic tendencies. The time to stop legitimizing the system through the charade and ridiculous and ineffective spectacle of voting and taking to the streets is now. Anyone advocating voting our way out of this is either party to the sham or utterly out of touch with our circumstances.

There was no real way to vote ‘not-to-fuck-us’ as both party’s will certainly do just that, in different ways.

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And now Biden has to work with McConnell and Graham------and what will they be talking about from their safe red states???Cuts-----Cuts----Cuts

If you win in a landsliide things need to be done----that is how Reagan did his whole agenda.

Sorry, but delusions are not going to get us out of this one.
Even if voting ones way to prosperity had ever actually worked, America’s entire “voting” process has been completely and utterly captured.
Instead, I’d suggest we all take a cue from the youth movement and stop waiting around for our owners to give us permission to do what is nessessary.