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What to Expect of House Democrats


What to Expect of House Democrats

Robert Reich

Democrats are now in control of the House of Representatives, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I know and have worked with many of them. They are people of integrity who will strive to do what’ right for America. Pelosi is tough and courageous. Were it not for her insistence, Obama would not have pushed for the Affordable Care Act.

But they are not miracle workers. Republicans still control the Senate.


Already THE EXCUSE: Republicans still control the Senate.


Yep. Hold their feet to the fire! I mean it has worked so well for the past 30 years has it not?

Here the thing. If you want genuine progressive change you vote for a genuine progressive politician. The millionaire many times over Ms Pelosi is not a progressive and never has been and is not all that concerned about wealth inequality. She does not feel the pain so holding a Corporate Democrats feet to the fire accomplishes as much as it has accomplished the last 1500 odd times it tried and that is the wealthy just get richer.


You cannot insist that House Democrats or Republicans do anything whatsoever at all unless you are willing to take them out of office when they do not.


Good grief Robert, you started well with the first two sentences, after that, it went to crap.


Photo caption: You in the back, pipe down - I’LL be the one to decide when Speaker Pelosi’s nap time is over.


There are some Democrats who appear to be progressive. They say the right things and some of them are even doing the right things. But Mitch McConnell is a criminal who has molded the GOP into a cabal, a gang, that will resist and block the Democrats every way he can until the GOP resumes power in the House. And his counter part Democrat Schumer is a joke. He works well with Mitch.

Before any real change can come about we, the people, have to change. We, in effect, have to understand the way we have been conditioned since birth. To begin with we have accepted the division of Dems and Repubs. Liberal and conservative with all the dogma, lies and illusions that goes along with both positions.

Both political parties support endless wars, corporate welfare and an economic philosophy that believes some people are more deserving of the basic needs of life than others. It’s called capitalism. A system based on greed; endless accumulation of wealth, in it’s various forms, along with power over others.

All human beings deserve adequate food, water, housing and healthcare. These things should not be sold to us for a profit as they are now in this country.

One last thing. Don’t assume that the Mueller investigations are going to drastically change anything or even find Trump at fault or criminally libel for his actions. We all hope that they will but that is rarely what happens in reality.


It is not an excuse, it is reality. This is why HR 1 is mainly symbolic, as the title to this article suggests.