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What to Know When Someone Blames Black People for All the Riots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/17/what-know-when-someone-blames-black-people-all-riots


Enamored with the concept of efficiency, our society has lost sight of humanity. If bots can replace assembly lines, so be it. That frees up human beings to become teachers. One might argue that software packages, bots, can replace teachers also. As a second-generation educator spanning from ninth grade to doctoral level, I call bullshit. Nothing replaces one-on-one learning. Human contact. Kick the Skinner screen to the curb. I eschewed PowerPoint until I retired for all but the most remote of classroom exercises because if I wrote something on the board (I preferred chalk) and the students had to take notes, the information had to pass through their brains before reaching their paper. Engagement. The ancient Greeks would tell us that proper education is intrinsically inefficient. Ever hear of the Socratic method? It takes patience. Therefore, a lower student-to-teacher ratio. This nation has the resources, but the fucking MBA mentality that has been imposed to suppress the masses and hold the bottom line has bankrupted the intelligence of the nation to the point where our competitiveness has plummeted unnecessarily over many decades of decay. It is far past time to give everyone a seat at the best table and give them access to the best learning resources available, which are dedicated well educated teachers in low student-teacher ratios. Oh, and make the schools shine and be a place of pride. Launch new citizens from such platforms and this nation–all of it–will begin to get back to a more Progressive track where it belongs.


The author might not care to condone riots, but I will.
Because nothing gets the oligarchs attention like burning their shit down.
I wish it didn’t have to be like that.
I wish the 2-party system wasn’t a farce.
I wish all-can-eat gourmet pizza was $2.

But wishes are for kids.

Here, join a movement:


You realize that many of the stores and shops that were looted and destroyed were owned by black people, correct? And for the ones that were not, none of them were “oligarchs.” They were just peaceful people with a business. You should be ashamed of yourself. Despicable to condone actual acts of violence against peaceful people.

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I’ll stand by my comment. Go clutch your pearls.

Retail looting by rioters pales in comparison to the wholesale looting of the looting class. Mass violence against peaceful people is a basic operating principle of “the economy,” and is one of the main engines of wealth for the looting class. You should be ashamed of yourself for pushing propaganda on behalf of the super-wealthy monsters who generate wealth from such violence.


No, webwalk. Your response is devoid of both morality and logic. When I come with a gun to your house and steal your belongings, I can’t use the excuse of, “Well my actions pale in comparison to the mass violence of Hitler…so, yeah. Nothing to see here.” All forms of violence and invasion of private property are evil, no matter the comparison to other forms of violence.

And there are people out there who became wealthy simply by creating goods and services that people want. Having wealth doesn’t inherently equal violence against others. The most evil people that ever walked the Earth wanted absolutely nothing to do with free markets and personal freedom.

Exactly reversed. Your response is devoid of both morality and logic. My point is not about whether i support anyone breaking a window and stealing consumer goods. My point is about YOUR consistent advocacy for the biggest criminals on Earth. And your fake outrage at far lesser crimes.


Hi SkepticTank:
But this nation was founded by peopIe without power who were among other actions---- dumping EngIish tea into the harbor.
Sometimes burning down the, “Shit of the oligarchs,” works out reaIIy weII. : )


So your claim is that Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are the biggest criminals on earth? Not Kim Jung Un or Nicolas Maduro? You need to get your morality checked.

It’s not about individuals, it’s about a class of people whose operating system (developed over the past several centuries) serves them “ownership” over ever more of the world, and condemns millions and billions to needless violence and death.

You will never acknowledge this. You will never connect the dots to the systemic outcomes. The looting class is heroes to you, and the millions and billions who own almost nothing are the dangerous people who must be policed, controlled, held accountable.


Fine statement, WiseOwl, and a fine complement to Paul Buchheit’s excellent commentary.


With their boogeyman of the year being antifa, the GOP doesn’t need to blame blacks. Everything is Hillary’s, Barack’s or antifa’s fault.


Not sure what the problem with rioting is. Black people and other minorities are suffering the same damage as looted businesses, only an inch at a time. Nobody notices or cares until things burn down.


Still, I’ll follow Dr. King’s counsel.

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Covid-19 deaths, with 12.5% of US population, Blacks suffer 22% of deaths says the CDC, see “Health Disparities, Race and Hispanic Origins, Provisional Death Counts”. cdc (dot) gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/health_disparities.htm – and Black unemployment rate is nearly double white unemployment rate since the beginning. See incarceration rate also. It’s a long, long history of second-class citizenship, and denied citizenship.


Let this put it into perspective for you.

“How Can We Win” / Kimberly Jones / CARJAM TV Platform

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When you equate an incompetent democratically elected head of state like Venezuela’s Maduro having to contend with Washington-as-BIGGEST BULLY IN THE HEMISPHERE’s Global Sanctions and Blockade of national assets and target of dis-info out of the Cold War’s Mighty Wurlitzer with hermit kingdom North Korea’s Absolute Ruler and extrajudicial killer Kim Jong Un, then we know the Corporate Caliphate-captured News Media can chalk up another QAnon cult member to the numbers of our indoctri-NATION and our 50 year Wage Stag-flation and Food Stamp Nation.

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You’re talking about the Dr. King who acknowledged that the

“riot is the language of the unheard.”


What world do you live in? Forgetting COVID, 2020 is the greatest year in human history, following 2019, the previously greatest year in human history…for prosperity. Poverty has been declining across the globe for decades, due to the opening of global markets.