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What to Make of VP Pick Tim Kaine's Reversal on TPP


What to Make of VP Pick Tim Kaine's Reversal on TPP

Dave Johnson

In a representative democracy, the idea is that the representatives should support the preferences of their constituencies. This is what is happening with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Johnson takes flip-flopping Clinton and Kaine at their word on being anti-trade deal, but, of course, not Trump, the evil lying Republican. Yup, those wonderful Democrats have been listening to the people, alright. Never mind that the DNC platform committee refused to take an anti-trade deal stand. More Democratic party fluff, here.


To be honest I started reading this thinking that it was a real article. Then I read "This is the new Democratic party — recognizing reality, and starting to listen to the voices of working people again." and realized it's a satire piece.


The number of pundits who appear to buy into a Silly Putty theory of human nature amazes me. Hillary Clinton, a lady in her seventh decade, Tim Kaine, a man in his sixth decade, according to this theory are as malleable as that plastic egg containing blob, taking an appropriate form for the moment. For it, agin it, agin it, for it, whatever.


Just more bait & switch rubbish from corrupt politicians, this time Kaine.
Unless he speaks clearly, on the record, and lays-out WHY exactly he has "changed his mind" on the TPP, it's all political deception/lies!

"written in secret, behind closed doors by the corporate world" the TPP is a Trojan Horse for corporate domination over nations and peoples!

Let Tim Kaine detail why, and especially speak to the "Investor State Dispute settlement" ISDS tribunals that destroy national sovereignty to profit corporate manipulation and evasion of law that will destroy national sovereignty. http://www.isdscorporateattacks.org/#!basics/c66t
explains the ISDS scam robbery!

"the key element is TPP’s investment chapter, which gives foreign investors the right to sue governments in private international arbitration when they feel their newly created property rights are violated - these provisions discriminate in favor of foreign firms: A foreign firm can sue the U.S. government in private arbitration for cash rewards if it thinks government actions violate the new rights and privileges granted by TPP, but domestic American firms have no such recourse in U.S. courts. Two arbitrators can, in effect, undermine decisions of Congress and the president, ordering billions of dollars in payments for their lost investment value and guesstimated lost profits"

SO Tim, tell us exactly why you changed your mind - in specifics to see if your change is just political charade BS or real! (don't have to be clairvoyant to figure that out..........)

http://rooseveltinstitute.org/beware-tpps-investor-state-dispute-settlement-provision/ great piece by Joe Steiglitz.


Of course he will, as will Hillary. Candidate Obama was going to repeal the worst of NAFTA then came out in support of fast tracking NAFTA on steroids, once in office.


As if they are going to suddenly do what the voters want them to do, rather than what their corporate masters paid them for.


Trump has told us what to make of it. A change of words to fit with the campaign.

Who is a bigger lair, Trump or Kaine?

Heck, as David Dayen noted, there were claps when the word "democracy" was mentioned at the democratic convention.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce has said that Hillary will support TPP, even though after it has been an issue, Hillary is taking a wait and see attitude until she sees the details of the changes since she gave over 40 speaches in favor of this "gold standard" trade deal. I made a mistake, it is a "trade deal" - it isn't about trade, but about corporate control to lock in the coup d'etat that has happened.

So the answer to my question above about who is the bigger lair doesn't matter. What matters is what chance there is to slow down the coup, or miracle of miracles, to reverse it.

Check out the web site FlushTheTpp.org which at the top calls us to stop the coup.

Here is a video from a couple of weeks ago


or one article that is posted on FlushTheTPP


with the title

IN-DEPTH: How President Obama’s trade deal is a corporate ‘Axis of Evil’ and Why it must be stopped


I'll go farther than that. Unless he now openly opposes Obama on passage of the TPP and vigorously lobbies AGAINST it in Congress, he's a complete sham. Same for Hillary ...


Yes, but more than that, the notion that people have no core values, guiding lights so to speak, is nonsense, both of these people are products of a culture, a class, what Thomas Frank calls the new professional and creative class, a class contemptuous of the rest of us poor peons, the left behinds.


The problem I think all of us have with Hillary and Kaine, no matter the issue, is one the article concludes with, and that is do "they really mean it when they say they will stop TPP?"


Roger Hickey has got it right - Clinton and Kaine need to campaign loudly on opposition to the TPP.


Hillary & Kaine are all hanging their hats on the hope that the vote for TPP will occur in the lame duck session...so it won't be their fault. If for some reason it doesn't happen then (as planned) then they might find themselves over a barrel.

And then note that Johnson the Libertarian just switched to being in favor of TPP....need to check his campaign contributions and see how much convinced him.


A politician will say whatever they think is required in the moment; unfortunately, moments frequently change. Mostly, they have the moral certitude of a weather vane.

Abundant proof can be found when watching: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dY77j6uBHI]


Oh, hogwash and whitewash.

Kaine flipped on TPP, like Clinton did, because they want to lie to get into office, and that's the game plan. Clinton refused to let anti-TPP language be part of the platform, and that shows where the candidates are and what is intended.

Sure, candidates get to bargain and change position. That does not mean they do not lie. Let's quit stumping and get back to the reality thing.


He won't be believed. Only the pundit interpreters still believe candidate changes of "position" mean anything. It's being a broadcast commercial reader just as the "platform" is just the attractive packaging with trumped (sic) up nutritional information and exaggerated health claims wrapped around the barely edible fake foodstuff within,


"Kaine’s shift from supporting TPP helps Clinton’s credibility on the issue."

I have to laugh to keep from crying. Clinton and credibility in the same sentence is just way too much cognitive dissonance to handle.


Contrary to her very recent claim that she doesn't support the TPP, Hillary Clinton worked hard in 2015 to get the TPP through Congress. This wasn't done in secret, was routinely reported in the news (Google "Hillary Clinton and the TPP," check established, reputable sources). It also wasn't a surprise, since her husband had stuck us with NAFTA. Kaine wants this job, so he's definitely on board with the TPP.

On representation, no, things have changed dramatically in recent decades. Legislators really aren't concerned about what their constituents think, confident that they will continue to vote for them. And the record does support that confidence.


That's why, if they were in (for example) Congress, it's worthwhile to check their records. Say that you want to know where Kaine stands on Syria. Google "Tim Kaine and Syria," and read through the reputable, established news sources.


But they do make a a lovely couple.