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What Tom Cotton Would Mean for the CIA


What Tom Cotton Would Mean for the CIA

Charles P. Pierce

It's a terrifying, dangerous prospect.

"Mike Pompeo is just an unqualified nebbish who’ll be promoted, if he is, because he climbed on board the Trump Train when everybody else was running away from it."


“Donald Trump’s a pretty tough guy, and he’s ready to make those tough calls,”

Tough calls like a bone spur to dodge the Vietnam War.


I don’t cotton to Cotton being associated with intelligence.


Cottonmouth, the viper. More dedicated to Israel than to the USA. Damn worthless as a senator. Why not waterboard him and send him on a rendition flight to Israel?


“I’m going to burn a goat carcass to Baal”

Why a goat? You just mentioned three humans who would work better in that situation.


Bill Clinton was ordered to report for duty TWICE.


Tom Cotton is a rare breed indeed. He quit his lawyer job to join the Army after 9/11 and turned down a desk job so he could be in the infantry. Name another Senator who came even close to doing something like that. I am proud to call him my Senator and you democrats just don’t know what to do with a decent man.


What was it Kennedy said about the CIA? “…break it up into a thousand pieces!”
I fully concurr…only make it a million pieces…The greatest threat to “world peace” was the creation of the CIA in 1947…Even Truman in his memoirs stated it was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made in passing it’s creation…National Security Act 68.


Are you saying that since Clinton dodged the draft its okay for Trump to be a draft dodger? Isn’t there a distinction between a peacenik that resists war for moral reasons and a draft dodging chickenhawk, a coward that thinks his ass is too precious to risk in his oligarchy wars?