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What Trump and Biden Get Wrong About North Korea

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/28/what-trump-and-biden-get-wrong-about-north-korea

I like you Christine Ahn, but are you so naive to think that peace hasn’t been obtained because our government has chosen the wrong approach? The current situation is by design as an armed North Korea is a boon to the U.S. military industrial complex. As long as Americans accept either Democrats or Republicans to make these important decisions for us, we will only exasperate the problem. Both Party’s are stacked with compromised and ideological bankrupt politicians who buy into the corporate narrative simply because it is politically expedient to do so. Faustian deals like this are made on a daily basis with no room for intellectuals, popular dissent or common sense that could possibly sidetrack this cruel and unwise policy. Biden and Trump are just two bullies with slightly different approaches about how to intimidate the local children in their neighbourhood. Neither one of them are mature or brave enough to end this cycle of violence. Both Party’s must be reformed or discarded if humanity is to have a chance to survive the horrors of nuclear war, climate change and global poverty.


Interesting article. I agree a peaceful end of the war will lower tensions.

Thinking of one Korea for a moment; How has the southern half been doing in its relationship with the US? As I remember, they were refusing to pay a bigger Pentagon bill. The south was invaded by Japan and then the US. I have read that some in the south prefer the north to keep the nukes. I do not know much at all about this and am curious to see what happens after the peace agreement.


I really appreciate this appeal for sanity between the US-North Korea. However, it doesn’t mention that to the US imperialists “denuclearization” only means NK giving up THEIR nukes: the US’ militant empire as is will never agree to mutually take its many nuclear weapons out of South Korea. They’re too valuable there, sticking right up into China’s belly.


Nice article and nice sentiment.
Biden is currently running to the right of Trump with his foreign policy rhetoric.

I am not a fan of either dupopoly candidate. I believe Trump naively thought he could bring a peaceful solution to the region, but he is surrounded by warhawks from both parties. He was called a traitor for talking to the leader of N Korea. This type of hyperbole is dangerous.

Unfortunately there will be no positive changes whomever is elected.


It’s a bit late to ask either Saddam or Gaddafi, both of whom were leaders of prosperous countries now in ruins whether they would have given up their nukes if only they had had some before they were invaded… We all need to be armed with an effective dissuader. Ask any bee or wasp; That’s how they get respect. Me, I keep a sawed off piece of hockey stick in my broom closet; it’s the Canadian in me.

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