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What Trump Doesn't Get: Sessions Recusal from Russia Probe was Mandatory

What Trump Doesn't Get: Sessions Recusal from Russia Probe was Mandatory

Faiza Patel, Rudy Mehrbani

Cross-posted from USA Today.

I don’t know, the tiny-minded prictator sure is getting big … around the middle :scream::hugs:

The picture of Sessions with this article really makes him look like an elf … but not one I’d take a cookie from. :rofl:

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The mango Mussolini is such a fucking douche nozzle.
For We The People’s survival, we have to do better.
Stein/Sanders 2020
Or the chips are all cashed in!
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a national disgrace . Fuck Jeff.

Patel and Mehrbani sez: “Such a move would sow doubt in the investigation’s outcome and imperil the public’s faith in the administration of justice.”

Huh. How’s everyone else here doing with that whole ‘faith in the administration of just us’ thing?

"The Justice Department rule is no technical nicety. It embodies fundamental principles of fairness that are the bedrock of our democracy. " trump dosent understand “fairness” or the concept of “democracy” he is all about taking whatever he can and as much of it as possible, for himself…the entire 'make america great again " slogan for him is just that … a slogan…one that he copyrighted…so he could take it for himself and make more money for himself, his suporters need to wake up and realize he dosent give a rats ass about anything except money for himself, he is an empty suit with no integrity ,moralls , or the slightest bit of decency. and he is going to die an empty bitter lonelly man because the whole world is starting to see what a complete shithead he is

When I first heard Trump’s recent rants about Sessions and his recusal I had to wonder whether Trump is really that clueless or does he really believe that with cruelty and perseverance, all law will be subject to his will?

Of course Sessions had to recuse himself, as the article points out; Sessions was involved with Trump’s campaign almost from the beginning, and any legal investigation arising out of that period should be out of bounds for him to supervise. Is Trump so stupid that he didn’t then, and still does not realize, that to be true? Is that a rhetorical question?