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What Trump Hath Wrought


What Trump Hath Wrought

The unhinged Tampa brawl was bad enough, with its jeering, cretinous mobs screeching at Jim Acosta for doing his job. Then a puffed-up Trump posted video, Sarah Sanders called it "free speech," Hannity - really - attacked Acosta's "abusively biased coverage." It gets harder, but let's keep it real: Trump has now told 4,229 lies, and they're soaring. He started with 4.9 lies a day. In June and July, it was 16 a day. Don't let them drown you out.


And why does “fake news” resonate with people------because corporate news media do not address fundamental issues that effect real Americans—what the military is doing-the two corrupt political parties-income inequality-and how we have a totally corrupt healthcare system.

Recognition to PBS Newshour for doing some great reporting on the importance of the president being truthful.


I could not tolerate watching the video. What is the definition of insanity again? Don’t those people have anything better to do than go crazy. Look at their faces !
A clever idea to post the picture of the woman of hate during segregation along side of today’s photos. How about some pictures of the NAZI rallies also ?


Looks like the insane are breeding too. Bad news for Mother Earth.


The only other faces I have seen that compare to theirs are those belonging to the criminally insane.


There a lot of anger and hatred down there, and a lot of guns. It a very volatile mix.


Time for the MSM to get level the playing field against such crazies and their Emperor by reporting on what is actually the climate-environmental crisis. They should start reporting this connection 24/7.



4,299 lies???

No. Come one. And you wonder why we think the media is invested in fake news.

Okay…for those who disagree with me…list of the four thousand lies.

I’ll wait.


But Ed, you could find all those lies all by yourself with the computational help of a search engine, right?
Google, Bing et al.


The saddest picture to me was the baby. He had this what the hell did I do to deserve being raised by these wack-a-doodles look on his face.


City Editor in Big Paper Boardroom. “John . Ruth, Susan get in here and I will assign you stories to report on!”

John "Can I work on the war in Yemen and the mass crimes against humanity that are ongoing?

Editor “No John I want you to report on the number of lies Trump told at his dinner speech to the Heritage Foundation”

Ruth “Can I work on Global warming and how our culture of Consumerism is leading to massive environmental damage including fires that burn the homes of thousands?”

Editor “No Ruth I need you on the Russia case. I want you to report on the similarities of John Russo’s last name and how close it is to Russia! There has to be a link!!”

Susan “Can I report on the rise in homelessness and poverty and how tax cuts for the rich are followed by cuts to programs leading to Child hunger in America?”

"No Susan , we need you on this “Eight Puppies rescued from an Island In Manitoba Story!!”


Why don’t you simply refer to the Washington Post like the article says? Because you, and all of your other delusional tRump supporters simply can’t handle the truth…that the media is reporting to “we the people…” because it is simply their job and obligation to do so.


All that hate and rage and where did they buy that ? But then I remember how people would collect and have picnics in order to enjoy a good ol’ lynching.
And also I have thought that maybe life is too easy for them and if they had to work harder as in those people who moved west to settle the “wilderness” had to cut wood everyday in order to cook. But that theory doesn’t work because if you look at history around the world such as the outrageous attacks by Hindu population on their Muslim brothers and sisters and today the killing of the Rohingya people in Burma and Bangladesh. Hate is a human condition that is easily fomented when governments and others such as “religious Leaders” need to either increase their followers or make money on wars.


Another thought on hate and the actions that ensue. When my son asked me why other kids could and would be so mean, I answered that those people did not feel good about themselves and it makes them feel better when they see someone else miserable. That theory would apply to humans with limited developed character.



The “political magicians” trick: Focus the “people” on one hand while you screw them with the other…Focusing on Trump’s lies only deviates the attention to the real machinations of the State. What a waste of computer dots and zeros…


This is what “Trump Derangement Syndrome” actually looks like. Best president since Benito Mussolini.


Ed’s too lazy to do that.


May El Douche meet the same fate as Il Duce.


Thanks! You saved me the effort.