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What Trump Wants on Immigration Is Ethnic Cleansing

What Trump Wants on Immigration Is Ethnic Cleansing

Peter Certo

I’ll be honest: I didn’t watch Trump’s State of the Union address when it aired.

Instead, I put my baby to bed and watched reality TV with my wife. If that rattled a few brain cells, hopefully I saved a few more by not guzzling the bourbon I’d set aside to steel myself for the speech.

The next day’s headlines put an end to this brief indulgence in self care.

I think there is little question that ethnic cleansing is the overall strategy to obtain a white nation. Some extreme right wingers in Israel have been proposing this to obtain a Jewish state in all of Palestine. Clearly this was the goal in Nazi Germany and we also saw the Serbs try to carry it out in Bosnia. In the US would stop at the undocumented immigrants? Or would just keep continuing and include African-Americans, Jews, Asian, and so on? And would critics of the policy have to be eliminated one way or another? The white supremacists have now gained a tremendous amount of power and whether the majority of Americans, who do not support this vision of white America, can assert their aspirations for this country based on its ideal is now in question.