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What Trump Will Not Be Talking About in His State of the Union

What Trump Will Not Be Talking About in His State of the Union

Bernie Sanders

Tuesday night is Trump's State of the Union speech. Nobody knows exactly what he will be discussing, but I'm absolutely certain what he will NOT be talking about.

He will surely not be apologizing for the many lies he told American voters: how he promised to defend the interests of working people, but then sold them out to Wall Street and the billionaire class.

The border wall is a Military Decision, not a Trump whim. (another lie to consider). Walls will make it worse, duh. Divest Amazon. Opportunity to hold responsible almost prophetic promises proven lies, self-driving NOT safe. Self-driving NOT needed to bankrupt competition. Costco-scale economic domination, YET, self-driving nonsense, YET, still hearing its heraldic good cheer, YET, complete BS. The border wall is a Military Decision, not Trumpist whim. Sorry, but that’s what it is, a Military Decision… Such a disgrace… our peeResident sh*hole. Grounds for impeachment list added.

i won’t be listening or watching. can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth


Wow! You really hate him, don’t you?
As if he’s anywhere near the most despicable, much less deplorable, politician the DC mess has in it…

no, i don’t hate him, just thinking about my own survival at some point

I don’t understand what you mean.

i care enough about myself to be alarmed at the way this man lies and doesn;t seem to have ordinary peoples backs

Oh come on, he IS one of the most despicable people on the planet. He’s proven it over and over.


Why would Trump’s SOTU speech include “apologizing for the many lies he told voters” when continues to lie daily and his SOTU will likely consist mostly of lies ?

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People who got scammed by Trump should have known that this was the same guy who told people they would get rich by attending Trump University which cost a bundle and then gave them material they could have found by themselves in a library and provide teachers without training. Marco Rubio called him a scam artist many times. The media could not keep up fact checking his lies. American voters should blame themselves for voting for him if they are disappointed. Voters need to be informed and use common sense. But most of these voters actually were not scammed. They didn’t vote for Trump for economic reasons. They voted for Trump because they say too many Hispanics in their town. They voted keep HIspanics out of the US and deport those without paper. Bernie will never admit that and continue to pretending that these people were voting based on economics but the studies seem to indicate otherwise.

The Kochs will be spending $400 million. Can progressives outspend them on a regular basis?

How much does a politician cost? How much do 400 politicians cost?

Direct Democracy

OK, so Bernie isn’t “perfect.” Imagine that,just one of the most honest politicians EVAH to comke down the pike. Some of you Berniehaters would probably not have liked Christ either!!!
If Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary’s bosompal, and the DNC had not rigged so many primaries, we’d have Bernie as Prez right now becoz we little peeple saw his greatness. How’dyathink our country would be doing now,under Bernie? Closer to single payer ok w/some of u??? Sure hope u saw ;the Town Hall on single payer that he just snuck under the noses of CorporateMedia and the corrupt Rethuglicans’ noses. I am a loyal Berniecrat and yes, I can see that he’s made mistakes, like touring w/that lousy excuse for a politician now heading up the Dems instead of the eminently worthy Keith Ellison. I do get frustrated that Bernie’s not perfect, but he’s one hell of a consistent workhorse for the Common Man. I admire and greatly respect Bernie Sanders and you Berniehaters oughta rub your eyes and see the good he’s done for years and continues to do.


"Some of you Berniehaters would probably not have liked Christ either!!! - Great line !

I agree with your assessment of Senator Sanders. In over thirty-five years of voting
in Presidential primaries and general elections, he is the only candidate to have received a donation from me.
In retrospect, I continue to be stunned and amazed that Bernie is the only elected official to have spoken so passionately for Medicare-For-All, for the breaking up of the big banks, and so many other issues
directly affecting every one of us. I will continue to support this great American.
If there were another 434 like him in Congress, the country, and the world would be a better place.


Is that your whopper for day? Name the primaries and provide the evidence that supports your contention of rigging.

Many people have problems with Bernie Sanders on foreign policy. His votes for several military interventions, his support of drone strikes and special forces operations, and in general his support of American foreign policy. In the debates it was obvious that he few disagreements with Hillary Clinton on foreign policy.

He has been more despicable than most, even before he got to Washington.

Sanders supports targeted drone strikes that target only proven enemy combatants. He is more judicious in his foreign policy objectives than Hillary Clinton, who, for example, called for the execution of Khadaffi in Libya, which further destabilized the region. Sanders opposed the invasion of Iraq, while Clinton supported the most disastrous foreign policy move in decades.
Hillary’s lack of good judgment in foreign affairs proves that she is not capable of good leadership.
Fortunately, we will not be hearing from her any time soon.


Jackye…I see what happened. I wasn’t clear on who the antecedent of your pronoun “he” was. I thought you were referring to Bernie! I’m sorry… Of course, Dump IS despicable…and then some. I tell a couple of my friends that he’s a fabulous emetic…

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You know what? I goofed. For some reason, I thought Jackye was referring to Bernie. I apologized to her and apologize to you.:upside_down_face:

Not only is Dump the most despicable in the US, you’re right…he’s one of the most despicable on the planet…and dangerous…he’s a sociopath summa cum laude.

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Recon, please go back up and see my replies to Jackye and Patricia Scully. I was wrong. For some reason, I interpreted her as meaning that she hates Bernie! Of course, you’re right, too, and anyone with half a brain and half a heart would find Dump to be amongst the dregs of human population. Every day after I wake up and check my phone, I hope to see news that he is no more, as they’d say in India. So far, Kelly hasn’t arrived.:cry: