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What Trump Will Not Be Talking About in His State of the Union

Yup, that bothered me a LOT. …and his position on Israel and Palestine.

So , you’re a sheepdogging acolyte and ventriloquist, to boot. Greenies with no political clout, gonna tell us what’s it all about. But, they’ll throw their squeaky tiny voice, tell us how " ideally " suited they are, to push another imaginary choice. Who is it? Who is it?
Why, it’s a ghost or phantom character, of their cut-rate dreams. They never show up on a ballot, but run for working other schemes. And, mostly to advance a lonely sheep herder’s made up memes.

Here’s a good documentary that covers the rigging that went on in 2016. https://youtu.be/V8ERFwZoPXE

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If Bernie was for the people he was never going to be elected, just how it turned out. So the system had to cheat and swindle his votes away to Clinton. Orange Drumpf was the elitist choice all along. Either way the people were screwed by design. I also voted 3rd party. 3rd party may as well be 3rd world because it ain’t going to happen.

I believe that Jackye is referring to Trump, not Sanders…

So, based on the comments here, the left continues to cannibalize itself. Once again, those plane-wrecked prep-school kids on that island come to mind…

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"Once a goddamn week there’s a new poll saying Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America. How come this never gets to the DNC?"

Bernie is as close to perfect as a politician in this country will ever get. Without Bernie where would we be?

Trump would still be president but there would be no one opposing him with substance. (the democrats? gimme a break) Bernie, flawed as he is to some, is still a champion for fairness, the poor and working class. He is the only one on the national stage with promise.

Trump isn’t a democrat, he owes democrats nothing. Obama did but failed to deliver. Each time Obama had a chance to move the country back to the left he chose the right – all while democrats were not only mute, but defended him.


:frowning:. Yeah, Yunzer. I finally realized that and apologized to her and everyone else who told me anything. I just got wrapped up in pronouns and antecedents and misinterpreted what she’d said.

Instead of excoriating people who support a third party, what could you say in understanding where they’re coming from and what values they hold do make some sense to you even if you don’t agree? Even in a couple’s relationship, we have to be able to see/understand where s/he is coming from …it’s ok to disagree, but we gotta understand if any communication or resolution is to move forward.

Of course, we have to be willing to understand…

Trump is as deplorable as WWII dictators Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, but like Trump, they too had warmongering generals, industrialists and business interests behind the scene devising policy and setting the agenda. Today, the agenda is World War III. What is the denial of catastrophic climate change but another form of potentially genocidal warfare? What is the continued expansion of globalization but the means to abruptly and with genocidal results cut off energy and food supplies? Why would Trump threaten nuclear devastation if he doesn’t mean to do it and probably not stop at North Korea? Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, even Mexico are likely targets. The doomsday clock is less than 2 minutes to midnight.

I’ll watch with the sound muted and read the captions.
Less painful and more revealing of black-hearted intentions.

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His remarks contained falsehoods. He used the term " sheepdog " to denigrate Sen. Sanders and his supporters, etc. Maybe it’s Greens that consistently " screw the pooch " and want others to fall in line, behind them? No thanks, that behavior is for coyidogs.

No problem, were all human.

I see. I see. :slightly_frowning_face:

That may be one of the worst comments I’ve ever read on this site. Dear Toni, Trump is very near the most despicable person in DC, unless you actually consider incessant and extreme lying, cheating, stealing, philandering, vulgarity, arrogance, selfishness, cruelty and racism virtuous. I’m no fan of most US politicians but Trump is truly elite.

You’re sad because he got caught lying? That’s so enabling of you.
FYI- Sen. Sanders called for $80 Billion in cuts, just to DoD, in his primary run. If you add Trump’s increase to DoD plus the Congress’s proposal, you talking about a $140-200 Billion swing in the wrong direction. How much healthcare coverage and better educational oppurtunities does that buy fo deserving Americans, annually?

NB, please. No dog pile without reading my history of comments even in just this thread!

Never in my whole life have I had such a reaction with people misreading me big time, even in politics! If I’ve not been clear in what I said, ask me what I mean and I WILL clear it up.

So I can’t find where your comment is in reply to one of mine. Are you thinking I don’t think Dump is despicable??? Go back and read my comments, especially where I apologized to Jackye and the others like scully and recon.

As a point of order, I try to be exact in my grammar so that, for example, people won’t misunderstand just because I didn’t make an antecedent of a pronoun clear. And I usually take great pains to proofread my posts.

I’ll repeat: Dump is a despicable person and a sociopath. He is to be feared because he and the Cabal behind him are very dangerous…both fascism and Nazism are being ushered in right under Americans’ noses. I need not point out his nuclear game of chicken with North Korea.

At this point, I can’t call him the most despicable “leader” in the world, historically or currently, but he possesses all the ingredients. He needs to be throttled.

No, Mr or Mrs, whichever you are. My sad face is because I’m failing to get understanding between you and me, and I’m giving up. I tried to engage you in a discussion where we could communicate civilly.

Maybe you haven’t read this whole thread and maybe you’re not the type of person to check out posting history to see where people’s values lie.
I do try to do that, usually. In fact, originally, I thought you were some woman who was a friend of a friend. Then I read a post in which I thought you said you’re a man. We’ve often agreed on points, but on this thread it looks to me like you did what Spanish speakers call “comió pico,” ate pico de gallo and it left you hot under the collar. So I give up.

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Juxtapose Trump’s utterances with any of Obama’s commentary? Everyone is raving about Donny’s Davos moment. Really? Leader of the free world? We are a standing joke. A bad burlesque moment. When do the strippers come out?

Cool down some pal. The global manipulators are interested in nothing but $$$ and nothing but. Now granted, they will wage war to make countries compliant or to get their resources. But, make NO mistake it’s the bottom line that drives these people.