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What Trumponomics Means for Women


What Trumponomics Means for Women

Martha Burk

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised again and again to “fix the economy.”

And now that he’s won, he’s busy padding his cabinet with Wall Street rogues and off-the-chart conservatives from the fringes.

If you read their resumes, it’s not hard to figure out they’re planning an umpteenth refrain of well‑worn Republican policies that don’t work: cutting taxes across the board, especially for corporations and the wealthy; privatizing health care, education, Medicare, and Social Security; and getting rid of any government regulations that survive the onslaught.


At least Trump will eliminate the issue of men earning more than women. By 2020 both men and women will be earning less than women earn today. Trump never mentioned that however many jobs Carrier delays offshoring, those jobs will pay less than Carrier workers currently earn. Carrier is just the first of many outfits to make a deal with Trump, cut their US workforce and reduce wages.