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What We Can Be: A Nation of Potlucks


What We Can Be: A Nation of Potlucks

George Clooney, eat your $353,400 heart out. In an ingenious move that highlights the differences between Clinton/Sanders, a couple of Bernie supporters have devised Dine With the 99%, a nationwide pot luck event in April featuring food "by the people and for the people" with a $27 price tag. In another truly grassroots act, a couple more Bernie fans just created one of the most lovely campaign videos ever. Heartfelt signs, all, of what we can be and do.


IF (Big If) there is any justice in this world, this man will become President. He is so far above every other candidate out there in terms of consistent, proven vision, morality, honesty, and intelligence there is, in reality, no comparison.


By far his best ad. Very moving.


the best part of Bernie's campaign is how so many of us are jumping in and doing their thing to help US win this most important of elections. GO BERNIE GO!


As a Vermonter who first voted for Bernie in 1981 when he ran for Mayor of Burlington, VT and won by just 10 votes, I'm finding this entire campaign to be like something out of a movie. When he declared he was running last year we celebrated because we just hoped he would bring some vital issues to the table to be discussed and, at most, shift the dialogue in a more progressive direction. I don't think we dreamed how his campaign would take off like this. It's absolutely stunning and fairly unique for my lifetime (age 57).

One reason part of me hoped Bernie would NOT run was knowing what he would be subjected to by the establishment. Those of us in our low-key, little corner of the northeast know Bernie as an honest, genuine and caring person. I've heard him speak numerous times and spoken to him in-person a couple of times and he was respectful, he listened carefully to what I had to say, and he gave a response that not only addressed my questions directly, but offered motivation and hope. He conveyed, clearly, that DC and the system are rotten to the core, but he projected real hope and encouraged me (and others) to get involved and keep fighting to change things. Another fond memory is after seeing him speak at a rally in Montpelier (ironically it was a protest against the "War on Women," you Hillary supporters who say he isn't supportive of womens' rights). I was driving down State Street afterwards and saw him shuffling down the sidewalk, all by himself, just another Vermonter like the rest of us, but with a certain intensity in his countenance. I honked my car horn and yelled out the window "Hey Bernie!" and he stopped and threw up one arm in response. Genuine. Unrehearsed.

I think a part of me, and of many Vermonters, is almost sad at seeing him being cheered by thousands and rallying before enthusiastic throngs around the country and becoming a household name nationally. The spotlight and world stage are frightening and there are a lot of bad people out there. The status quo has turned its heartless eye directly on this grandfatherly figure has been a wonderful elected official for VT and who has spoken out for all of us for so long. I feel chills looking at this ad and hearing the issues he has fought for since we first voted for him actually percolating to the surface of our toxic political system and moving into the sunlight. For the first time in many decades, there's a real feeling of hope and inspiration and the power of people to change our direction. We're happy that the rest of the nation is adopting this amazing person, but also a bit scared. But I guess that's all a part of effecting true change.


Beautiful video that showcases the possibilities of being human. The entrenched sociopathy of centrist politics refuses to admit its role in creating the current mess. This is not just anti-human, it is full blown ignorance on 3D display. They can't stand Bernie or anyone who believes we should become much more than animals. (Sorry animals - kind of a put down for you with "human" behaviour these days)


It's OK. We are animals, literally. Mammals.


No we are not animals unless we choose to be animals. We have been given the option to be human beings or human animals. It is all a matter of what our beliefs are. Such is the human experiment. Many are picked but few are chosen.


Thank you so much for this heartfelt comment on what Bernie means to you! I live in Wyoming, almost the whole other side of our nation and have felt much the same emotions as you, his record as a public official has been exemplary and I have supported his beliefs for years! He has done so much good in his life and now he will have a chance to do even more! His supporters all know what courage both he and his wife Jane have in letting themselves be a part of this political revolution. Without that rare courage and the fact that he has the courage of his convictions, this moment in America might never have happened! Because of him it has, and we will do everything in our power to be the kind of people he needs to make the whole of our country the way it should be, with equality for all and with each and every citizen living with dignity and purpose! Thanks, your Senator is now going to be our President, if all those tens of thousands of us have anything to do with it! Onward and upward, the political revolution has begun!