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What We Can Learn From Melania Trump’s, Um, Flattery of Michelle Obama


What We Can Learn From Melania Trump’s, Um, Flattery of Michelle Obama

Sherry Linkon, John Russo

In all the uproar about Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic convention speech — a gaffe worthy of note, of course — we should not ignore the ideals both women touted: work hard, be honest and reliable, respect others, make a better life for the next generation. These are core American values, rooted in the American dream and ideas about equality, opportunity and the Protestant work ethic. They are also core working-class values.


Aren't we kind of beating a dead horse on this topic?
What's this, at least the third posting in two days?
In the mean time, as I performed a word search on CD's 'Breaking News' page there's not a single mention of the Green Party, not a single mention of Dr Jill Stein..
Nothing referring to the Ukraine.
Nothing about the China, the China Sea...

No, instead we're served up important stuff about banal speeches that should have been forgotten about microseconds after delivery.


Subtle message on the chosen image: reamer. Verb - to ream - "to enlarge a hole," Slang meaning "to cheat, swindle" first recorded 1914; To ream (someone) out "scold, reprimand" is recorded from 1950.

Notable is photo attribution: Dinsey-ABC Television Group

Just an observation; particularly of a vacuous fairy tale shell about power devoid of engagement with what we are actually facing as a society and planet. Engagement that communities best exercise in full awareness of what and how the material, spiritual/social and energetic resources have been are being usurped by incompetent but very greedy powers.


More research is necessary to determine how many of Trump's dedicated supporters have jobs, whether or not the jobs are ideal, how many live comfortable or reasonably comfortable lives and how many rely on federal and state governments for benefits such as Social Security, Medicare and the long list of programs, tax breaks and other provisions that improve the lives of our citizens. We should know how many Trump supporters have been made angry, hostile and otherwise influenced by the often-misleading or outright false comments made by wealthy professional commentators whose job is to use fear and anger in the deliberate attempt to instill hostility for political and economic gain. So many Trump followers ignore the ample Trump record of business failures, misstatements of fact, exaggeration, fraud and outright lying that the old idea of "brainwashing" comes to mind.

Doug Giebel
Big Sandy, Montana


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Political speech is full of doublespeak and outright BS. Maybe candidates don't always plagiarize each other word for word but the intent to bamboozle the masses is always there. That's why Bernie was such a breath of fresh air. If he was plagiarizing Eugene Debs I don't want to know about it. I like to think that he was actually channeling him in some other dimension. Anyway, this election is shaping up as a contest between two obdurate liars who say whatever comes into their heads depending on the crowd they are speaking to. I'm voting for Jill Stein, folks.


I think the plagiarism and the lies ARE important.

And so is Jill Stein.

Instead of berating one focus, invite in BOTH.

Not everything in life is a winner/loser proposition. In fact, THAT is the mindset (setting up matters according to rank, or "with us or against us" categories) that is the aspect of consciousness that MUST be transcended to lift the global society to a place where real change isn't just possible, it becomes inevitable.


Are you speaking about Trump supporters within the population pool or those who PARK on C.D. and no doubt other message sites, particularly those that cater to the more enlightened/progressive sector or the population?

In either case, I support your comment.

Akin to the coin tosses that supposedly went in Hillary Clinton's favor 6 out of 6 times, the probability of this forum being so thick with Trump supporters when it's arguably a PROGRESSIVE site suggests organized infiltration. (The "facts on the ground" work against "the odds.")


The words Trump's wife used are WORD FOR WORD.

That is deliberate, fool!

Trump's supporters bypass that as they bypass the FACT that Trump cheated his own workers out of salaries. But still, the angry blue collar white guys identify with Trump because they hear in his words the chance that THEY--white guys--will be "great again" and not have to worry about all those Mexicans who, like themselves, just want a roof over their head and the capacity to feed their families. And they don't have to worry about those uppity black citizens--who cares if their sons (and a few daughters) are being gunned down in broad daylight by so-called "officers of the peace."

They get to hate all Muslims without having to think about the foreign wars of aggression, illegal acts of aggression, and other war crimes enacted by their own nation's soldiers who were lied to and still are lied to!

They, like most Conservatives, prefer to think of life as a safe, easy box where all actions carry a reliable, easy recipe. Everything is so simple! It's either "this or that." And so long as one belongs to the club (white guys, mostly), everything will be fine.

THAT is the mentality.

So those of you (tag team) who give Trump a pass on plagiarism, also give him a pass on his blatant racism, blatant sexism, blatant class privileges, blatant uber-capitalism (he's very good at THAT!), and arrogant ignorance asserted with pride in every stupid comment he makes.


I welcome your response to my comments, Sioux. My paymasters in the Military Industrial Complex give me a nice bonus when you reply. Thanks.


"This rhetoric is deeply problematic in the context of the Republican convention and the Trump campaign, and also in the broader context of the explosion of economic inequality that is helping to fuel Trump’s political apprenticeship."

Fascinating how the authors do not connect the 2008 MObama speech with the deeds of her's and husband's administration over 8 years (in making sure that when you work hard you get a place in society), and consequently their responsibility in creating the Trump reality.

Therefore the essence of this plagiarism is nothing more than a reminder that all of these type of speeches are insincere and unauthentic PR choreographies (whether delivered by MObama or MTrump).

Flattery doesn't make much sense in this context - unless you believe that what MObama said in her speech is what she practices. As university professors, you should know how to conduct proper research and bring us the disastrous facts that prove the opposite, rather then cheerlead for the democrats - who delivered us Trump.


NPR still can't go 10 minutes without gloating about this--"Yay, this means our side will win!"

Unfortunately, the real score of the political game is tallied in the lives of brown-skinned people.


Your desk at the MIC is right next to mine. The pay really sucks however, especially when having to deal with the insane.


I see from a different angle. I teach ESL at lower level universities and junior colleges. Melania came from Slovenia in 1992, as a model, after having dropped out of college there. She doubtless has not had speech training. Nobody told her what was involved in preparing the speech, practiced it with her, folowed up on it. The speech writers job is not done until the speech is delivered. They failed in not realizing that. They also failed in not understanding that she would want to have some say in the content. Melania just doesn't have the sophistication in English to fathom what is an everyday phrase and what is a recognizable quote.
Melania iscarries the confidence of a model, but her handlers must not forget she is NOT Michelle--


she did NOT go to law school. She is NOT Hillary--she did not attend a highly ranked Ivy League school.


Actually, the path to the podium has been clarified, and you're very close to correct:

According to the NYTimes, the speech was first drafted by two former Bush writers, but MT never got back to them about revising the draft, and they recognized only the intro and one phrase from their draft.

The Washington Post carried the confession of DT's former ghost (a woman), who says MT read the words to her and into the revision over the phone and without identifying where she was getting them. DT is reported to have refused the writer's resignation and told her, with classic daddy patronizing, We all make mistakes and grow from them. Monafort is quoted (I forget in which paper) as saying it was the least significant speech of the convention.

My take from this whole saga is that it takes MT from a pretty ornament to a demonstration (with her speechwriter) of women's incompetence. That will never be said out loud, of course, but it perfectly fits the misogynist pattern that has been and will be used against Clinton and, if anyone manages to bring her up, Stein. Watch. MT will be compared to Jackie Kennedy. We will be called to return to strong men who know how to dress their arms. Remember that the first white dress MT wore in this campaign (descending the golden escalator) was strapless. Remember that the photo of her naked is out there. She, and the ex-wives, demonstrate DT's virility, and picking pretty arm candy is all a leader needs to show about women.


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This particular response to tcarlson by SiouxRose11 (Susan Rose) is another example of Ms. Rose's predilection to shoot off (keyboard pound) without really taking the time to understand the post she is responding to. She is also uncivil towards tcarlson in that she calls him/her "fool".



Thank you, very observant to see the similarity between what the true Republicans stand for, Tea Party not so much, but the regular people behind them and the supporters of Bernie Sanders. Both want some real changes and feel betrayed by their government. Thus Trump and Clinton, it's like flipping us off or something.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I watched a bit of the Republican convention and heard a woman in the group against Trump, describe the lack of faith they have now for the RNC and how it had been hijacked from the people and they have no more voice in it. She could have been talking about the DNC.
If the down to earth Republicans and the same on the Dem side ever could get together on that point this country would change radically. It's the wedge issues that keep us apart and those are mostly manufactured for your viewing pleasure.
And yes the speech was plagiarized.


If hard work was the recipe for success roofers and ditch diggers would be the richest people in society.