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What We Choose to Eat Has Everything to Do With This Pandemic—and the Next One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/26/what-we-choose-eat-has-everything-do-pandemic-and-next-one


Dont understand what goes on with posting/preview, here is my third attempt.
I COMPLETELY agree with everything said in this article. But what I know?Is that even though I have NEVER pushed my vegetarianism in anyone’s face, never criticized anyone for eating meat?I have been mocked!Called as bad as a Trumper, called “not a liberal” all because why?I support a rational and a reasonable stance on what I eat. Scientists like Carl Sagan said it long ago. There is NO justification for what we do to animals. There are at least one hundred reasons to be vegetarian, but even when you present facts?The backlash!SO STRONG.
The facts are what they are. If people want to hide their heads in the slaughterhouse…go ahead!Dont mind the screams of the pigs[thats what they do]or the infections that run rampant throughout those “facilities” and the meat that is packaged and wrapped in plastic and presented as “fresh” in the local food stores. Go ahead!Fill your stupid faces.
I am done, being nice about it. Go ahead come at me. There is absolutely NO JOY in being “right”. About eating animals, or climatechange!NO JOY in warning folks about false idols like the Queen of the Con artists, Oprah Winfrey. Whose promotion of The Secret!alone!should condemn her for all eternity. The Secret said what?That [referring to AIDS then but lets say COVID-19 now shall we?] that you cant get infected unless…wait for it…you think you can!And thinking you can?CAUSES the virus to infect you.FFS. Same type of “thinking” “justifies” eating meat. Her TV quack/doc spawn now fill up the airwaves with their dangerous, anti-science wingnuttery and msm still sings her praises, never questions her about support for “dr.” Phil or Oz!

When, will people, the most horrific of all the species?Use their BRAINS?Instead of their stomachs and their emotional defence systems?I will wait right here.


You have to raise conciousness to change conciousness.

People must know the facts of producing food from animals the consequences of doing so and the effects on the planet and your body.

The books of John Robbins should have been on the school curriculum of every secondary school pupil in every school.
Knowing the facts changes choices and outcomes .
Denial is strong in the meat and dairy lobby as is the truth.


Those who doubt the veracity or origins of the author’s message might want to read Upton Sinclair’s (1906) The Jungle. Greed and Feed mix for wealth, but not for health. The irony is that in most of today concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that I have driven past, land is plentiful and therefore affordable. The stockyard mentality is an abomination, as is the use of antibiotics to induce artificial weight gain. Free range animals should be the only animals considered for food or food products, but this will have to be driven by consumer demand because the government has proven itself proud to subsidize all types of sin.


Coincidentally, during the pandemic, The Conversation decided to removed me as a member. I had been taken to task earlier due to my unwavering stance humans are obligate frugivore-herbivore. After years being on the site, overnight 2,500 emails, all my posts over the years, appeared in my mailbox. No warnings … no answering my queries … nadda …

I believe this post about the immune system in a meat eater, did it …

This is a simple description of the immune system at work, in the mosquito, and how viruses are stopped by the immune system, but it ONLY works when the iron levels are very low, and when the iron levels are not very low, as is the case in meat eaters, we cannot stop the virus.

“Our results indicate that iron is required for viral replication in mosquito cells. Mosquitoes respond to viral infection, by inducing expression of heavy chain ferritin, which sequesters available iron, reducing its availability to virus infected cells. The data indicates that heavy chain ferritin may be part of an immune mechanism of mosquitoes in response to viral infections.”

The same in humans.

“In normal persons the antibacterial and antifungal properties of blood and other tissue fluids cannot be maintained unless there are exceptionally low levels of available iron. This is controlled by the presence of the unsaturated iron-binding proteins, transferrin and lactoferrin. In several clinical conditions an abnormal availability of iron is responsible for fatal septicaemia. This is because the phagocytic system is overwhelmed by rapidly growing organisms when iron is freely available.”

Our immune system can stop it, but only if the iron levels are low.

“Low iron-saturated LF effectively combats bacteria and fungi, acting in a bacteriostatic and fungistatic way. The degree of iron saturation also influences antiviral activity of LF. ”

This speaks to the known effects of the elevated levels of iron found in meat eaters / omnivore humans.

“insulin sensitivity in meat-eaters is amenable to improvement by reducing body Fe”

When the iron is higher, it seems the virus cannot be totally eliminated, in this case herpes.

“elevated iron stores may put women at risk for persistent HPV infection”

Humans are obligate plant eaters, cannot safely eat meat, due to the buildup of iron, age-related iron accumulation, which causes disease.

The eye opener for me was the book Diet for a Small Planet. Got me to realize the impact we have on the planet with the choices we make with every meal. People never stop to think that that some of the strongest animals are plant eaters. We measure working energy by horsepower… a strong animal that doesn’t consume meat to survive.

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Want good meat? Eat deer, bison, and wild game birds.

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“Humans absorb heme iron from meat, poultry and fish more efficiently than nonheme iron, and high consumption may increase body iron stores”

Large commercial meat production has all sorts of problems. However, animal systems can render small and subsistence systems far more productive.

Exactly right. Vegans are much maligned simply because they represent – and rarely give voice to, despite the common mischaracterization of vegans as preachy – an obvious refutation of and challenge to the thoughtless continuation of a brutal practice that few would consciously want to support.

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Food for thought.

It is instructive, too, to note the relative paucity of comments on this and related articles. Silence is golden when it comes to voicing a defense of the status quo.