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What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking

What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking

Jackson Lears

It appeared that the party might learn something from Clinton’s defeat. Then everything changed.


Jackson Lears presents a good assessment of the shortcomings of the establishment Democrat Party power structure.

I am sure his piece will receive a tidal wave of hateful comments by Democrat Party sycophants.


I appreciate the acknowledgement of the religious nature of the approach to these issues.

Religious thinking is an oxymoron.


Lear is too much a committed Democrat to come to the rational conclusion that the Democratic Party is irreversibly and fatally incapable of the change needed to separate it from it’s wealthy owners, people like rabid Zionist Haim Saban, the largest single donor to the DNC, and someone very, very close to the Clintons. The Democratic Party is a major part of the problems Lear talked about. His recounting of our problems is largely valid, but he can’t see the forest for the trees of his partisanship. True progressives realize this and know it’s time for the Democratic Party to go the way of the Whigs - to the ash heap of history. I noticed that in his listing of alternative organizations challenging the Democrats he deliberately left off the one organization with the ballot access necessary to challenge the hegemony of the Democrats - the Green Party. Come on people, those on here who are not Hillary bots or other tools of the status quo. Come and join us. Help us take down the people who stand in the way of a truly progressive future of peace and a governance that cares about the future of ALL life on this planet.


Okay, can we now just forget the nonsensical Russia-gate distraction? There are more important things to despise Trump and the Democrats for; here’s one.



Well, that was a lot of speculation with some very good points thrown in.Americans, whether rabidly left or right, are easily conned, gullible, nationalistic, short-sighted, and self-serving. These sad tendencies have led us to the mess we are in. Got it.


Based on what we now know it appears Putin’s social media campaign had more more of an effect on the election than the hacked e-mails. The main function the e-mails played was to take some attention away from Trumps’ sex tape scandal. The first e-mails were released by Wikileaks about an hour after the tape was released. it is hard to believe this was a coincidence. But the social media campaign was started before the election and was actually continued after the election to continue to divide Americans. This campaign was very successful in spreading fake news across the internet and also in getting out ads for Trump on Facebook. This was a serious interference with a US election by a foreign power and Congress continues to investigate. In addition to the hacked e-mails, the Russians also hacked into the election computers of perhaps up to 31 states. Reportedly no votes were altered and exactly what the Russians were up to remains unclear. But certainly a big effort needs to be made to address this threat before the election in 2018. Members of the DNC sign a pledge to be neutral in dealing with election and clearly some members violated the pledge, While they did not do anything that would have changed the outcome of the primary the DNC needs to do a better job of enforcing neutrality next time around.

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The Democrats are a fund-raising apparatus.

If they have to abandon their former working class base to pursue moderates, they most certainly will.

As for populism, no way, no how. That shizzle doesn’t play at $2500/plate events in Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Sorry, Mr Lear, to save the D-Party, we have to destroy it.


How’s the weather at Langely today, bro?


This is one of the most comprehensive pieces I"ve read on the Russia-gate fraud. Robert Scheer has an in depth interview with Jill Stein, a victim of Rachel’s hysteria. See:


I did not vote for Ms. Stein, but what is being done to her is a disgrace.


Conspiracy theories, or more specifically, how they fit into people’s psychological schema, are interesting.

If the mainstream media and folks in power call it a conspiracy theory, it is automatically, unquestionably and almost unanimously believed to be untrue, and in those cases where there is damning evidence to support the theory, that evidence is ignored as if the rebutters simply held their fingers to their ears and shouted, “la, la, la, I can’t hear you!”

On the other hand, this is an instance where the theory is so completely vague as to be meaningless: the phrase “The Russians hacked the election” HAS ABSOULTELY NO MEANING. Not only is the phrase, “hack the election” meaningless, but the subject of the sentence doesn’t even refer to anyone (unless it refers to everyone, including illiterate, Transcaucasian peasant farmers.)

And everyone believes it, to the point that questioning the theory is tantamount to proposing a conspiracy theory.

Let’s not forget where the theory came from: Someone hacked a DNC email server, thus exposing Hillary’s campaign as ethically corrupt. Hillary was embarrassed and she immediately blamed “the Russians”.

Go ahead and hate Trump et al. all you want, but do it with the force of reality, not nonsense.


Much more interesting, to me at least, is the likelihood of Trump having engaged in laundering money for the Russian kleptocracy—I mean, who goes bankrupt owning a casino?

Hey Flapdoodle, thanks for that, I got a good laugh. Just one very minor quibble. Both Assange and Snowden have stated that seventy percent of the intelligence/counter intelligence work has been contracted out to the big guys like Booz-Hamilton or Stratfor so Brutha Troll probably works in some sweatshop basement shithole and makes the techie wage of a day laborer. There was plenty of money to be made on this stuff as well as The War On Terror but our buddy probably has a rotten job. We might feel sorry for him. No forget that last thought. He could get a productive job as a barrista at Starbucks.



Agreed! Most of the information concerning “Russiagate” can be found on other websites like Consortium News and the Intercept, but this article wraps it all into one neat little bundle. And the fact that the Dems are hanging their hats on the idea of impeachment, or taking both chambers of Congress in 2018, just goes to show how incompetent and near-sighted they’ve become.


What a beautifully written, cogent article. I pray for the health and safety of Bernie Sanders, for truly, I believe he’s our only chance to wrest government control from corporations in this country other than through bloody riots and revolt - and who knows who/what would come out on top in that scenario…

(Sorry Greens - I voted for Stein but still understood they have no chance in getting onto any debate (and therefore exposure) with our corporate media)

Sanders/Gabbard 2020


Ah, then Lorax could support the corporate state one cappuccino at a time! Excellent point.


Most of what Mr Lears has to say is very true. What we can do as citizens, as you say, is also true. We need a totally new People’s Progressive Party, not a re-run of a stale and stalled Green Party, or trying to re-construct the Democratic Party (Clinton Party). As with the United States, we need to re-build from the ground up with a totally new Party and totally new leadership. Hopefully that will happen before the world self destruct from human ignorance taking all life on Earth with it.


What in the name of bs are you talking about!? Bernie would have undeniably beaten Hillary in a fair primary.


I supported Bernie, then voted Stein. What happened/is happening to them both is as disgraceful to American politics as America is to the world.


Americans are for the most part an uninformed, disinterested citizenery. Unfortunately, the Democrats will most likely win big in 2018. Then the sos will continue under that Party. The USA is just another doomed empire.