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What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking

I concur that this is a very good summation of the Russiagate story line. The tree of smoke analogy works on several levels and that it has its roots ( at least for the author ) in the Vietnam War, certainly clarifies a few things about the twists and knots the Democratic leadership has wrapped themselves in, to protect and preserve the Clintonistas. Which is really about the money they, and Pelosi’s Pals, can raise for their chosen princes and princesses.:wink::wink:
While many call for the Democratic Party to get their collective ashes hauled to the dung heap of history, they serve up a pile of dying coals in the form of the current Green Party.
Some here have mistakenly thought that Russiagate was to prove collusion; when really it has been to take out Trump by " following the money " into the swamps of the deranged Republican Party. There are always more ways to " skin a cat " than can be found in the Official Cat Skinning Guide Book.
Retaliation for gerrymandering, voter suppression tactics and courtpacking, etc tend to cause the " by any means necessary " crowd to formulate options outside the boundaries of Robert’s Rules of Order, so to speak. And, it’s not over yet.


You are dreaming. Bernie Sanders lost by about 400 pledged delegates (several fold more than what Hillary Clinton lost by in 2008). He also lost by about 4 million actual votes. Please explain what the DNC did to cost Bernie 400 pledged delegates. Start in Iowa and go all the through to California and New Jersey and explain what happened. Look, it is a big lie that the primary was rigged (enough to swing 400 pledged delegates) and you like many others unfortunately are gullible enough to believe it. The exact same thing took place on the other side. In the third debate Trump claimed that if he lost that meant the election was rigged. And many of supporters believed that. They even threatened violence and civil war if he lost. The problem is why are certain people so gullible to believe these lies. I just happen to be reading a book that goes into this and I highly recommend it. It is called Alt America. The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump by David Neiwart. It particularly tries to explain why so many people on the right believe in conspiracy theories. It really seems critical to understand that. Maybe understanding and lead to some answers. Anyway it is a start.

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Instead of interpolating an “o” and “a” to turn Lrx’s moniker into the grandfatherly lovable ecologist Lorax…

i instead interpolate a single “u,” pronouncing its name as the dark and shadowy Lurx.

Which is what it does here: It lurks around, waiting for any chance to spread DNC / Clintonite putridity into these threads, hoping to squeeze some of that putridity into our minds.

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You are not dreaming, you are spreading bullshit and calling it roses. You do bad work, for bad people.

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Congrats to Common Dreams for republishing (from the London Review of Books) this excellent assessment of the real roots of the “Russia did it!” Dem Party propaganda.

Now, if these pages could stop offering so much space to that same propaganda…


“It’s true that Trump’s menace is viscerally real. But the menace posed by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney[, both Clintons, Obama, probably Kerry, certainly ‘I am a Zionist’ Biden] was equally real.”

Agreed, as amended.


Mentioning Iowa to make your case is not a wise move. The caucus count was never finished or results were not made public.That to some was the snowball which led to the questions concerning the supposed pre-ordained Clinton avalanche. The vote count totals in The State of Misery, was yet another.
Nevada had horrible optics, especially Boxer’s melt down. New York’s early deadline created the impression of a rigged contest, true or not.
The South was were Sanders chose not to compete, as it was clear Clybourn (sp) and John Lewis had muddled the waters concerning Sen. Sanders’ civil rights work.
The California primary was a letdown for obvious reasons, since Bernie couldn’t take his demands and vote to the convention floor. See G. Palast on this.
The Super-delegates did matter in ways that can’t be quantified, necessarily. The backstory of the hacked DNC e-mails tells this sad tale quite well.


What was unfair about the California primary? Or the Washington State primary for that matter? In the primaries Trump got more votes than Bernie. Given where he began he did great. You cheapen his accomplishments with this nonsense.


Better late then never I guess. Facebook has now made a available a tool which can tell users if they liked or followed the Russian propaganda entity called the Research Internet Agency. It is probably a good idea not to have a Facebook newsfeed but for people who do this can help. However, it doesn’t tell them is they have been exposed to fake news.

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Nice try but no cigar You didn’t even make one good point. Tell Sanders he didn’t compete in the south. Why did he give all those speeches in the south? He claimed he was making inroads with the black vote in the south. Turned out to be overly optimistic. The Iowa vote totals were released. I don’t know what you are talking about. Harry Reid may have helped Clinton in Nevada by getting the culinary workers out of work to go to the caucus. Maybe Clinton got one or two extra pledged delegates in that one. New York has had those deadlines for years. Voters should have paid more attention. I don’t see that as rigging. I see that as New York. I don’t see a problem with California. The demographics with a high minority population favored Clinton. Bernie practically moved to California for three weeks and still didn’t come close. The superdelegates didn’t play a role and even they did this isn’t rigging. There have been superdelegates for many years and most them favored Clinton which shouldn’t be surprising since Bernie has been an independent in congress and Clinton has been loyal to the party. Claiming that the primary was rigged is pretty much the same as Trump claiming that he lost the popular vote because Clinton got 3 million illegal votes. That is a lie and claims that Clinton won the Democratic primary because of rigging is also a lie. Both lies should be obvious but many people believe them.

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Whenever you’ve finished hitting the pipe, let me know. " Give the singer some " is obviously lost on your type.
Please link to the Iowa caucus results for the Democratic primary votes being counted.
In NY " voters should of paid more attention "; duh, who else paying attention are the candidates supposed to be attending to? That’s dumber than your usual responses, which shows improvement, I guess.
Bernie vacationing in California hardly squares with Bill blowing his own horn on Arsenio’s tacky talk show in 1992. The Clinton’s had The Man From Hope done in 1992. How much Hollywood do you suck up before you become a Hollywood suckup ( try that while thinking about How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck…).
Why beat the word " lie " to death when it wasn’t mentioned in my post. John Lewis lied, not Bernie. Hillary and Bill lied in S. Carolina ( again ), not Bernie.
Keep your liars and your lies straight, please.


Some people, like yourself, refuse to let Hillary just fade away. Chinagate?

I might be dreaming about what could have been; but, you are trying to resurrect a nightmare. Happy Holidays.

Russian hacking exposed corruption in the Democratic Party that subverted the democratic process. Did the Party learn anything from it? No. They blame the Russians for Hillary Clinton’s loss, not their own perfidy. So, I guess we can look forward to more such losses. Donald Trump is not the only threat to American democracy. The Democratic National Committee is right up there with him.

What I don’t get, is that in losing the primary, Bernie’s voice has gotten louder and he’s more influential than ever, but some progressives can’t even seem to accept this reality. This constant search for selloutism wrapped in near-constant victimhood is broken-record old at this point and feels divorced from reality.

You can check out the more zealous examples of this disgrace on “Democratic Underground”. Their attacks on Ms. Stein would sound just right in the National Review or the American Spectator. Disgraceful.

Its time we cut our losses people. You will never get what you want from them.

Bernie sold us out, he was not sincere, he intended to lose.

WTO GATS is a scheme to steal democracy by shifting power to Geneva Switzerland. where a trade body run by mega corporations takes over the planet while the two party system pretends nothing has changed.

Do you want proof? I have tons of it. Elizabeth Warren told us this was happening. Obama denied it.

Wow. This is the most thoroughly astute analysis that has been written to date about our political situation. It comes on the cusp of 2018, a year in which the Democratic Party has
the choice to change, and succeed, or keep repeating the same mistakes, which will be fatal!

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You are right. most are only thinking about how to accumulate and/or consume more, more, ever and always, more.