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What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking

Jackson Lears is a professor of history at Rutgers yet his writing speaks more of a political activist fixated on diminishing and tarnishing Democratic party. I wonder who he voted for in 2016 elections? The article is supposedly talking about Russian hacking , yet it is a kitchen sink of bitterness over Democrats and democratic party agenda along with anything else possible and impossible.

Dear Mr Lears , we live in Democracy (unlike Russia) and we elect our Democratic party representatives (I assume you supported Sanders at the time?). Yes USA is not perfect , but please tell me who is? Did Sanders win? No. He lost by 4 million votes which can be explained only by elaborate conspiracy. Yes I do say conspiracy , which is more akin of religious zealously Lears speaks of. Russian hacking has been proven to the extent it could have been proven, please note KGB colonel Putin will not ever admit to it. Russian “religious obsession” is backed up by all intelligence agencies conclusion, and no not all have to prove it if three major ones presented conclusive report. Would scientists still need to prove the earth is round and rotating around the sun or Copernicus is enough?

What we do not talk about when we talk about progressives nowadays ? This is a more interesting question. When did progressives became a party dismissing FBI , CIA, NSA as a concept? Progressives like government run healthcare but dismiss intelligence and law enforcement agencies , and no I do not assume they are always correct. But I do not dismiss institutions at their core like Lears and many “progressives” nowadays do. When did progressives became naive peaceniks dismissing any concept of a foreign enemy ? I did disagree with Iraq invasion but It does not mean there are no US enemies. I am yet to hear any US enemy named by a nowadays “progressives”.