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What We Get Wrong About Yemen


What We Get Wrong About Yemen

Adam Baron

Fast-moving developments in recent days reveal that Yemen appears closer to collapsing into a total failed state. Meanwhile the headlines have started to lump the conflict in Yemen—a country that President Obama only last September portrayed as an anti-terrorism success story—together with the sectarian fighting in Iraq and Syria; “Shia rebels” are said to be battling “Sunni tribesmen,” allegedly taking support from Iran as they fight Yemen’s Saudi Arabia-backed Sunni


The United States can never escape this mess as long as it gives Israel support in its banditry and maintains bases across Muslims lands.

When the US compelled the Brits and Israelis to withdraw during the Suez Crisis a watershed moment was reached. Would the United States support a Pan-Arabist seeking to establish constitutional freedoms and across an Arab world which would become a federated republic or would the freedom loving, rule of law preaching, equality screeching United States tell Nasser to shove it and continue to support the Feudal fascist tribal oligarchies which supplied cheap oil?

The answer can be found in American high school history books. Oh no. It cannot. Because American raise their children on lies.