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'What We Must Do': Following Obama Eulogy for Lewis, Bernie Sanders Backs Call for Ending Filibuster

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/what-we-must-do-following-obama-eulogy-lewis-bernie-sanders-backs-call-ending


No, they have to quit backing down to the threat of a filibuster. Make the old wrinkled a**holes stand there for 14 hours straight pissing in a catheter if they want to filibuster a bill. The cowards made it too easy.


That’s fine, as long as the Senate Parliamentarian can also rule a bloviator ‘out of order’ if they start reading the phonebook - or any other off-topic BS, or start repeating themselves. In other words, they have to debate!

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Than you again BERNIE, for being there and speaking up again and again—in spite of the DNC!


I feel the move to eliminate the filibuster brings every controversial issue to a 50%+1 resolution. The whole idea of the filibuster is to ensure somewhat of a consensus on important issues. The side with 51 Senators will operate as a one party system. Sure, they can get what they want a lot easier, but I fear that just ignoring the views of the other 50% stands a good chance of bringing down the Republic. We don’t want a system, not unlike some jobs, where the boss does whatever he wants and disregards any input from the rest of the team He leaves them no choice but to just quit.

You need to quit drinking the Bern-Aide. Cuck Bernie won’t even back his own delegates who are fighting for M4A in the Democratic platform. Even on a document that ultimately means nothing, the Democratic Party won’t give progressives anything…and Bernie “Joe’s a friend of mine” Sanders does NOTHING, AOC does NOTHING, Jayapal does NOTHING, Khanna does NOTHING.


Hi GodIess:
Hmmm------are you a republican? StiII -----I do love Bernie and the Squad, for they truIy want an America that works for everyone. : )


Yeah they are all ineffective and Bernie needs to piss off after the way he handled the Primaries refusing to go after Biden cause “he’s my friend” (who give a shit) and then dropping out early and 5 minutes later endorsing Biden no questions asked (just as AOC did) and then making demands afterwards; demands Biden and the corporate Dems take and regularly wipe their asses with. Just look at the most recent DNC Committee votes where they voted overwhelmingly against Medicare for all and ending the war on drugs, the latter which is what is fueling racial inequalities and the very oppression of the black community these people pretend to care about.

But their opposition is just limited to symbolic gestures and virtue signaling - BLM banner and murals, kneeling in ethnic African garb and lofty speeches and side claps. The irony of course is that even Lewis spent the last years of his career thoroughly sabotaging and kicking progressives in the ass, he disparaged Sanders’ civil rights activism and aligned with centrist Dems to dump on MLK’s vision. That they are all getting inspiration now from the words of a hypocrite who spent 8 years doing nothing for the black community and those very causes he talked about is pretty damn rich.

In fact I believe it was Obama who warned us all a few months ago about not moving “too far left”. He said that with a straight face and as we have a fascist sitting in the WH. Still we had to worry about not being too progressive not being too fascist. And Sanders is endorsing these do-nothing assholes and making demands after he said he will show up for Biden no matter what, no matter when.

As to the squad: Falling in line behind “Mama Bear” Pelosi and kissing her ass 24/7 is not my idea of mounting a meaningful resistance. Yeah AOC is all articulate and good with Twitter but she still tucks her tail between her legs and backs off when Pelosi talks.

But apparently the people of this country are ok with empty gestures, lofty speeches and tokenism.


Funny you mention The Squad. They’re two of them being primaried hard by AIPAC supporting Dems for speaking truth to power in Congress.
The DNC evidently only wants the American Jewish community to speak for the American Muslim community. That’s like having the British-American community speak for the Irish-American community, in the 19th Century in the U.S. There’s tons of hypocrisy being served up, along with tons of $$$, this election cycle. Money is surely speech in 2020.
As to the end of the filibuster; can I have some time to think about it, before deciding the merits of what all that entails. It’s kind of a big deal.
Just asking for a friend, of course.


You nailed it Kaylie. Thanks!

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Hmmm, I wonder why this thread ended so abruptly.

a “Debate” in this environment simply means giving speeches, doesn’t it?
They aren’t really obligated to address each other arguments - are they?
Since some of these guys (mostly on the Reich) have no intention of having their minds or positions/vote changed, and do not care how good any argument is, or how degenerate they themselves appear, why do it?

I suppose the only point in favor is that the rest of us get to see it.

" And we have to back Hillary because we cannot allow Trump to win". What Bernie says is just a con and most progressives drink the Kool Aid. Joe and Hillary are not friends of Progressives!

Setting the differences aside, how’s that trump presidency working out for you? Was there really no good reason to oppose the slime ball.

Ask Bernie and the DNC!