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What We Must Do Now


What We Must Do Now

Robert Reich

My friends, this is a dark hour. Intolerance, cruelty, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and environmental destruction have been let loose across the land.

Trump controls the Republican Party, the Republican Party controls the House and Senate, and Trump may soon control the Supreme Court.

But here’s the thing. Only 27 percent of Americans are Republican, according to the Gallop Poll.


The Trumpeters are ensconced in their Dunning-Kruger happy place and see Dear Leader’s antics as vindication for their lamentations. It is going to take a lot to wake them from this spell. Societal tension will only worsen until then. Nevertheless, Prof. Reich is right that we cannot give up. Perhaps we should all reread Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and apply the appropriate lessons in support of our cause.


This is the usual lib/prog list, and that’s not necessarily bad. But in listing the usual suspect lib/prog organizations (including the few non-corporate Dems), it leaves out the simple basic fact that to achieve anything at all, we have to organize to gain power – and unlike Saturday’s immigrant rights’ demonstrations (in most places) that means the affected communities must be in the lead, determine the tactics, set the agenda and carry out the events.

During and after that, organizations must coalesce locally, nationally and globally against capitalism – which is happening around much of the globe.

Also, labor/working-class people are absent from Reich’s list, as is naming the fact that the U.S. is the largest, most powerful, most destructive nation in human history. It’s not even close. By leaving these realities out, Reich nimbly dances around the neoliberal capitalist imperial political economy as the central problem.

Despite their intentions, neither he nor the usual lib/prog suspects are a solution – worse, they are part of the problem in that they co-opt so much of activist, populist anti-capitalist power-building in the U.S.

See below David Swanson’s take on how different A O-C is from the usual suspects and why she must be bolstered by the rest of us to be able to stand up to the powerful co-opting forces of the Dem wing of the Duopoly.



All democracies i know of become dictatorships of infinite number of kinds. The basics do not change all that much from being ruled by nobles to being ruled by plutocrats and their servile ‘elites’; such as generals, police chiefs, politicians, MSM people, ‘educators’, judges, clergy, spies…

So, as long US remains a democracy [instead of becoming timocracy], that long you would continue to see superrich, very rich, very poor, homeless, and disinformed people.
You will see also that the demonization of much world, anger against it; hatred of it; threats of or wars against them, sanctions on them will continue.

Budget to defend against alleged world’s evil and wickedness going to increase and protection, feeding of and educating children to decrease.

You will also see patching and more patching of the old and frayed pants, instead of buying new pants and in the long run saving oodles of money or enough to feed, heal, heed, read, need, treat all children equally: black, white, red, yellow, brown and in the process make America strong [again] and the hell with making America Great Again; for it always had been a dictatorship of the rich people.


Reading between the lines: “vote for Democrats.” Oh, joy. Just what we need. Another election season in which the Democrats fake left and move right.


“Fourth, don’t engage in divisive incrimination over “who lost” the 2016 election. There’s no point in Hillary loyalists, Bernie supporters, Jill Stein voters, and others turning on one another again, and blaming each other for the outcome. We must be united.”

Should be in all CAPS…


we must continue to protest and i wonder if civil disobedience will be enough to get the point across. america must wake up and stay awake. we are being challenged by a no good liar and we must make sure that he is not re elected.


Replacing the “no goof liar” waving the red flag will be of no value if he is replaced by another “no good liar” waving a blue flag. More than three decades of serial “no good liars”, some lesser evils, some not, got us to where we are today.

Being “united” will be a huge challenge as long as the top to bottom divide is more pronounced than the left to right divide.

Not to mention that many young Murkins will unite behind candidates but not parties that have serially betrayed them.


Well former secretary of labor Reich- what should we do about the Janus case?


He is one person- just as dangerous or even more so are the people who voted for him as well as those who are apathetic.


Well, I voted for Trump. But let me ask you this - what option did the Democrat Party give me? A half-baked, crazed lunatic with a divinity complex in which she thinks she should rule the world?

Not the choice I would make. Many of us held our noses and voted Trump because there was nothing else on the table that realistically had a chance of keeping the Madwoman of Arkansas out of the White House.


Thanks for nothing Robert. You write as if to a child and your ideas are just about as childish.


“Fourth, don’t engage in divisive incrimination over “who lost” the 2016 election. There’s no point in Hillary loyalists, Bernie supporters, Jill Stein voters, and others turning on one another again, and blaming each other for the outcome. We must be united.”

Who will we unite around…? Wink, wink…


Again I have a big problem with the way Reich frames everything in a Republican/Democrat sort of way, as if the only reason we’re in such a pickle, is because too many voted for Trump instead of HRC. Instead the focus should be on the fact that as long as the Republicans OR the Democrats win, the 99% lose. Then Reich zeroes in on fringe issues like “Roe vs. Wade” and yet another right wing judge instead of pointing out how both parties have been complicit in waging war, undermining democracy, crushing efforts to bring sane healthcare to all Americans or ending poverty by all means necessary to save the “union”. I feel like pseudo leftists do nothing else except reinforce the ‘Great Western Narrative’ to the delight of corporate America. While Reich feels that he’s privy to the inner mechanisms of the federal government because he was an ineffectual secretary of Labour under Clinton 1, Reich played the game right out of the corporate playbook 101. Too timid to cal the corporate kettle black, he demonizes the Republicans but not the system. I personally don’t feel that he deserves to be labelled as a “Leftist” and certainly not as a “Progressive” by any stretch of the imagination.


I would suggest we all focus on pushing the nation left.


Interesting observations, Bob.

I am currently reading and discussing The Republic by Plato.


What irrational nonsense—Of course Shillary sucked. But voting for Drumpf was to vote exactly for “a half-baked, crazed lunatic with a divinity complex in which he thinks he should rule the world.”


Robert, you fail to acknowledge the DNC and the Hillary cabal never had to answer for election fraud. Amazingly enough they continue to engage in the shenanigans they pulled leading up to the 2016 presidential primary. Getting rid of “some” of the super delegates is not enough.


I just don’t understand why REgressives are so blinded to reality. Your irrational hatred of President Trump as evidenced by articles like this one, closes your eyes to the huge surge of optimism that is sweeping the country as his policies take hold.

His support is steadily increasing and your news sources continue to pour out ridiculous memes about him and his administration. Black male support has doubled in the past 2 months and continues to rise. Latino support has increased among men & women 10% in the past month. President Trump overall approval rating is higher than Obamas’ at the same time in each of their first term.

Read it and weep http://thefederalist.com/2018/05/11/black-support-trump-rising-danger-zone-democrats/

There’s no need to report that Republican support is at an all time high but even biased polling organizations are reporting dems are grudgingly giving him his props. My rule of thumb is if someone like Gallup says dem support is at 15%, add 12%.

Here’s a story that drives home why even past 2 time Obama voters are coming around and all of the Robert Reich hair on fire crap isn’t going to change that.

From Don Suber

He didn’t need the job. He had fortune and fame. He had earned a time to wind down from life. He was not a politician, after all. But because the country was divided and floundering, he came out off the bench and ran.

And so, George Washington became the first president of the United States of America.

He didn’t need the job. He had money, a satisfying career, and a wife who was one of the most beautiful women in America. But because the country was divided and floundering, he came out off the bench and ran.

And so, Abraham Lincoln became president during the darkest crisis the United States of America ever faced.

Now look at Donald Trump. He had fortune and fame that rivaled Washington in his day. His wife – need I say more.

He didn’t need the job. He didn’t need being shown as a clown in newspapers that once kissed his keister for a story. He didn’t need the endless ridicule on television. He didn’t need his family being attacked. Really, you can call a man’s daughter the C-word on network television without being fined or at least getting a bop in the nose?

And yet he persevered over great odds, and at great expense – he will have lost a billion by the end of two terms – Donald Trump prevailed.

Readers know what I will say next: Donald Trump does not enter battles until he is sure he can win.

Let me tell you a little story about President Trump. A reporter for the New York Times followed him for a day in 1984,and he filed this report:

Mayor Koch was there, former Mayors Lindsay and Beame, two United States Senators, the five borough presidents, judges, labor leaders, business tycoons and sports celebrities, as well as team owners and executives such as George Steinbrenner, Sonny Werblin of the Knicks and Rangers, Fred Wilpon, president of the Mets, and several hundred men who make it their business to rub shoulders at such functions.

Yet, somehow, everyonme at this sports function was drawn to Donald Trump, the 38-year-old owner of the New Jersey Generals, a franchise in the upstart United States Football League. As Mr. Trump inched his way toward the exit, dragging a dozen reporters, men in the crowd stood on their tiptoes to wave and call to him – like so many bejowled rock-star fans. There was a desperation about them as they reached through the reporters to pat him on the back, to grasp his hand or just to stuff a business card into his coat pocket. If only he could cut them in.

Beame was there.

Koch was there.

Senators were there.

For crying out loud, George Steinbrenner was there.

And who was the main attraction for these sophisticated elites in Manhattan wanted to touch him>

Years before the iPhone came along, they wanted selfies with him. He had burst on the scene seven years earlier thanks to Liz Smith, the queen of gossip in a town with two daily tabloid newspapers.

Part huckster, part genius, and all American, Donald Trump dreamt big and made it so.

“Having just opened last year, Trump Tower is already becoming something of a New York landmark. The shimmering glass skyscraper rises above its understated neighbors on Fifth Avenue, upstaging even Tiffany, next door,” the reporter wrote.

“It is home to shops so exclusive Melody said she couldn’t even brag about seeing them because nobody back home had ever heard of the likes of Mondi, Fila, Amazoni, Botticellino, Buccellati. It all sounded like last night’s dinner at Mamma Leone’s to her. Johnny Carson, Sophia Loren and Steven Spielberg are among the notables who have purchased Trump Tower condominiums, which, with prices ranging from $550,000 to $10 million, are among the most expensive in New York.”

Trump spent the day meeting architects, contractors, and the like.

“His last appointment of the day is a committee meeting of the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission. He walks in late to a conference room at Price Waterhouse and Company, the accounting firm, where a group of about 10 men, most of whom look to be corporate junior executives about his age, tired looking young men with their ties loosened after a long day at the office, gathered around a conference table,” the reporter wrote.

Got that?

Junior executives about his age.

He was the co-chairman and bored by the committee.

“A good deal of hand-wringing is going on over how in the world to raise even a small portion of the $1.4 million needed. The men are stating the need to energize that component of the campaign, to plug into that sector, to interface. Mr. Trump does not take off his coat and slouches in a chair. When he finally speaks up, he says hat he is on the commission because the young men who went to Vietnam got a bad deal – which, about the worst thing that can happen to anyone,” the reporter wrote.

“He then throws out the names of some people, friends of mine, whom they could probably tap for substantial contributions. Then, we’re going to have the fund-raiser at Trump Tower, he says, punching through the canvas. I’ve called the White House. The President is coming, so we can raise the price of the 800 tickets from $500 to $1,000. That will just about put you where you want to be.”

Then he picked up his copy of that afternoon’s New York Post, rose, and left.

He was rich and powerful. The reporter was surprised by the 10-hour day. Trump likely went back to the office and worked a few more hours while the reporter went home.

President Trump does not need the job, but we need him as president.


Sounds like a level headed, rational view to me. You’ll be right at home here Doc.

BTW is the 37, your IQ?