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What We've Learnt about the TiSA Leaks So Far


What We've Learnt about the TiSA Leaks So Far

Guy Taylor

Across the world there is outrage at what is being decided in secret on our behalves. A huge leak of documents, marked with the opinions and edits of negotiators from many different countries, from the TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) has appeared on Wikileaks.


Well, here’s where the shit hits the fan. We either let them enslave us, or we don’t. The great mass of ordinary humanity will become squatters in a world of the controlling interests of the ownership class. We become chattel, fodder, “forces of disorder and disruption” - terrors to the functioning of profitable commerce. Undesirable, disposable, and dangerous.

I don’t believe in the kind of karma that bridges death, but I do understand a sort of living karma, sort of the cumulative spirit of the human moment. Is the karma of the moment sufficiently funded to see us through this passage?