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What Will Donald Trump Be Remembered For?

What Will Donald Trump Be Remembered For?

Tom Engelhardt

I know you won’t believe me. Not now, not when everything Donald Trump does -- any tweet, any insult at any rally -- is the news of the day, any day. But he won’t be remembered for any of the things now in our headlines. No human being, it’s true, has ever been covered the way he has, so what an overwhelming record there should be.

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I think he’ll be remembered as the last president before the economy and Nature completely imploded.
But I’m not sure about Twitter. Somehow I sense that his way will be the new corporate way to fire people----and people will say," Oh Mr. Jones has been TRUMPED!" : )

His stand on modernizing the existing nuclear stockpile (despite his predecessor Obama doing the same) could “trump” his gassing of the planet (as in greenhouse gases) if any of these ‘species annihilators’ (nuclear bombs) are used first. In either case his allegiance to corporate America will bring about the sixth mass extinction and record him as a kingpin of planetary suicide… provided anyone is left to read or record any of it!


To be remembered there would first have to be anyone left to remember.
Between “his” climate policies and pushing for nuclear war, that is an extremely unlikely scenario.

Edit: Bah, Space_cadet beat me to it.

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It appears that the people are helpless to do anything about the situation confronting them. The hoped for freedom and justice revival has flatlined under total irreversible treason from every angle of the overtly criminal plutocracy. Almost like a sleeping numbing sickness. The shit has hit the fan right into Americans faces.

Can’t agree with this. If there is a history after the end of warming, it will focus on humanity’s culpability, not Trump’s.

Donald Trump will be remembered for being the first American President to commit treason for pay by a hostile foreign power. This is the basest of motives. Trump is not motivated by a political philosophy which he thinks are for the good of the people, as a Communist might be. Trump is motivated by simple greed and desperation. Trump is a failure in business due to his low IQ, lack of education in business and economics, and his complete indifference to his moral obligations to those who lent him money or bought stock in his incompetently run casinos. Trump is a foreign agent for pay because, being a Narcissist, being subjected to public humiliation is literally the worst fate he can imagine. Trump would rather die in WWIII, and have his whole family die, than suffer that humiliation.

Now that we have read how CD posters will remember Trump, let’s look at what history tells us about the legacy of fascists:

When I lived in Germany thirty years after Hitler’s demise, a significant minority (similar to Trump’s base) of Germans said their only qualm with Hitler was that he lost WWII, a major change from the era immediately following WWII when no Germans would admit they supported Hitler.

More recently we observe that Ronny Raygun is more popular among both Democrats and Republicans today than he was when he was POTUS. Obama breaks into a Cheshire Cat grin whenever he quotes or compares himself to Saint Ron.

Trump’s base will never abandon him as they continue to blame us, the Democrats, media and myriad other forces for “not letting him get anything done”. Even some “swing” voters will continue to lend credibility to Trump’s presidency.

Trump will be remembered for one thing:

His Amoral Ego.

“It could make him and the executives of the largest energy companies the greatest criminals in history”.

Doesn’t this criminality apply also to the Republican Party leadership?

Shouldn’t a man be taken to intend the natural and necessary consequences of his voluntary actions?

If the measure of evil lies the foreseeable consequences of wrongful behavior, “the greatest criminals” is not understatement. On this measure, Hitler may well prove to be a good guy compared to this criminal cohort.